NES Translations in Spanish

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Name Description
8 Eyes
A Week of Garfield
Adventure Island
Adventure Island 2
Adventure Island 3
Adventure Island 4
Argos no Shensi
Ballon Fight
Bubble Bobble
Captain Tsubasa Super Striker 2
Castlevania 1
Castlevania 2
Castlevania 3
Chessmaster,the(usa)spa Chessmaster totalmente traducido a espaƱol, para jugar ajedrez y aprenderlo tambien con los tutoriales incorporados. Testeado en mameui modo famicom
Code Name Viper
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon 3
Dr. Mario
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z 2
Dragon Ball Z 3
Dragon Warrior III
Final Fantasy 1
Friday the 13th
Ghost & Goblins
Gi Joe
Gumshoe This is a Spanish translation of the NES Zapper game Gumshoe. Not much to explain, just guide detective Stevenson through deserts, cities and jungles to rescue his daughtet, Jennifer from the mob boss King Dom.
Gun Smoke
Karate Champ
Kart Fighter
Kid Icarus This is a Spanish translation of Kid Icarus. Everything is translated.Titlescreen, credits... everything.
Kung Fu Kung Fu is a side scrolling beat'em up action game. It was one of the first NES games to come out. It's pretty self explanatory, you punch and kick your way through five levels to save Sylvia from the clutches of Mr. X.
Legacy of the Wizard
Mario Bros.
Megaman 1
Megaman 2
Megaman 3
Megaman 4
Metal Gear
Moon Crystal
Ninja Gaiden
Pesadilla en Elm Street
River City Ransom
Super Mario Bros. 1
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
The Guardian Legends
Tiny Toon Adventures
Urban Champion
Villigust, Armed Dragon Fantasy
WWF Steel Cage Challenge
Yume Pengin Monogatari