Grand Prix Circus

NEC PC-9801 Translation in English

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GRAND PRIX CIRCUS ENGLISH TRANSLATION PROJECT VERSION 1.O 10/15/2021 REWORKED BY MrRichard99 with help from Celcion of Nebulous Translations Group TRANSLATIONS BY TheMajinZenki Here is a patch which translates the start menu and the pre-setup screen for Grand Prix Circus. This is a patch to help navigate and to make game play more easier for the English audience. NOTE: It is recommended not to adjust any PRE-SETUP menu settings. Please only adjust these if using real hardware and if you are knowledgable in these settings as gameplay errors may occur... Apply the following patch to this HDI image only as errors will occur if done otherwise! Grand Prix Circus (with Powerup Kit).HDI CRC32: 5026C6EF MD5: 7E2E0A0CA2D2B1BA0AB46F3E2D4A607B SHA-1: F3EDA86465C2D73FC98041DD48077020493D59F4 SHA-256: EA49B46BED91232D637534D86FBD1FAD601EC2106D5A7613109B77B95FA6BD47

Author: MrRichard999 - Celcion - TheMajinZenki

Completion: 100%

Genre: Racing

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