NEC PC-9801 Translation in English

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This is a simple project which converts the menus to English. Most of the what was applied was taken from the Commodore 64 version and what was left was translated. Enjoy! Apply the patch to the following disk image Acrojet.D88 CRC32: B9E2E63C MD5: 860C3A73E7CA9DF215430859D0E7F744 SHA-1: 81145718B156252DD9CFDE23729D59C71D75BA31 SHA-256: 0B6260967033B0D68187CD5088EC12B812AAE895A41150A04CB83D4BB979FAFD

Author: MrRichard999 - TheMajinZenki

Completion: 100%

Genre: Flying Simulator

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