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Dragon Quest: Hero is at level 19. Has Roto equipment and Mirror Shield. All spells learned. Just go to Charlock castle for the final battle. *NOTE-Although in the game the main character is listed as level 19, in reality he's supposed to be level 24. I used a quick level up code to go from level 19 to 24. When I turned off the code, the stats remained the same, but for some reason the level number reverted back to 19. But don't worry, the final boss still provides a challenge. Dragon Quest II - Prince of Midenhall is level 37, Prince of Cannock is level 34, and Princess of Moonbrooke is level 29. All spells learned and best gear equipped which includes the Roto gear, and Robe of Water. All keys and other story related items are stored in vault. Saved near Hargon's castle. Just go there for the final battle. *NOTE-This file is for the Dragon Quest translation version of the ROM by Crossblades Download Report
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NightmareModeGo says:
Maybe I'm missing something here, but this state seems to make it impossible to complete the game since the keys needed to progress to the final boss are in the item vault, and a key is needed to backtrack to the place with an item vault. With no keys you're essentially stuck.

Rod Merida says:
I have edited this savestate through ROMhacking to add to your inventory the key that is necessary for opening the door that didn't let the player advance after loading, since, as NightmareModeGo said, it had been stored in the item vault.
This fixed savestate can be downloaded from this link: http://crackowia.gq/estados/dqust1y2zs4.php
from the webpage http://crackowia.gq
An .SRM save, made through the game itself, is included too.

Rod Merida says:
The aforementioned download link for being able to play these savestates in a non-buggy version, that doesn't leave you trapped without a necessary key near the end, has been updated, to https://crackowia.com/estados/dqust1y2zs4.php , from the webpage http://crackowia.com .

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