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Elite Four defeated twice Ruby and Sapphire colleted All Legendary Birds captured Mewtwo and Suicune captured. 125 Pokemon captured Main Team: Charizard (starter) - level 75 Primeape - level 75 Raichu - level 75 Alakazam - level 75 Steelix - level 75 Vaporeon - level 75 No cheats by Matheus Rian Download Report
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HIASL says:
i didnt know there was a pokemon named no cheats.

Dylan says:
Dontdownload this its not real its just a trainer in veridian forest named go kkk with only 4 pkmn

anon says:
can confirm Dylan

Kuroro says:
nice legendaries..i already traded it in sapphire

Artemix says:
Dylan lied its a legit save with 121 pkmn and the eam it said it has

FabioGnecco says:
i was here 05/25/2023 !!!!! POKEMOOOOONNNNNN

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