Sony Playstation Public Domain ROMs

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Name Description
Aumatt's 2nd Demo A scroller demo with an "Aumatt" logo at the top.
Carnival '99 Intro A freaked out intro with 2 pictures and a scroller at the bottom telling you to go out and party.
Dentro Pretty cool rotating cube demo from the group Hitmen. have a look at this one, pretty cool. Also some good music. :D
Intro Demo This demo shows some cool gradiant effects, also with some sound effects.
MahJongg PSX A good Mah Jong game, complete with the little cheats that tell you where the matching tiles are when you're stuck and a tower mode.
Main This is my favorite so far, it has a cool 3d doughnut spinning around, with wicked music to go with it. Also the bass makes the doughnut bounce. Very cool! :)
Zelda Clone Game Thingy v.01 Basically a clone of the first Zelda for NES with what kinda sounds like the music from Zelda A Link to the Past. A decent demo, worth trying out at least once.