Atari Lynx Public Domain ROMs

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Name Description
A Corridor Simple corridor demo; an aid to creating a first person shooter, maze or dungeon adventure style game. Source code in C is included.
Befok Work in progress clone of classic game Berzerk. Somewhat playable and features sound effects.
Bubble Bobble Demo Alpha version of simplistic Bubble Bobble recreation. Features controllable character over map of the game's first stage.
Choplifter Demo The early stages of a game meant to clone the classic Choplifter.
Demo Collection A collection of various homebrew demos. Some showcase graphical effects, others perform checks on the hardware and some accept interaction from the user. No source code included.
Fighter Demo v2 An early attempt at developing a simple fight engine on the Lynx.

This demo originally came complete as a kit, for beginning programmers. The complete archive (770KB) comes with the source code in ASM, BLL package, Lynx assembler, all sprites, sprite preparation program and detailed usage instructions. Programmers who are new to the experience may find the full kit especially interesting: Download Fighter Kit v2.
Jumtro Programmer's first attempt at creating a demo for the Lynx. Source code in C is included.
Marble Madness Featuring seven levels of play, this demo is an attempt to bring the popular Marble Madness game over to the Lynx. Last updated in 1999. The older version, which features only one level, may also be downloaded: Marble Madness demo (1997).
Moon Runner demo Early phases of a game meant to clone the classic Moon Patrol. The vehicle is able to be controlled by the user. Driving, jumping and shooting are implemented. However there is no collision detection. Features ingame music.
PCX to Lynx SPR test Test of PCX to Lynx SPR tool which displays the Super Sprint title screen.
Sprite Demos Includes five programming demos which cover different sprite effects: color index-table, rotation, creating a playfield, detection of sprite collisions. Source code in C is provided with each demo.
The Dungeon v0.11 Single or multi-player dungeon game.