Gameboy Advance Public Domain ROMs

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Name Description
#GBADev Promo This demo is an advertisement for the #GBADev channel on EFNet.
#GBADev Promo source Source to #GBADev Promo
A-Fire This demo uses a plasma effect to display some fire.
A-Fire source Source to A-Fire
AGB_Rogue AGB_Rogue is a port of one of the first graphical adventure games, Rogue (the first is believed to have been Adventure for the Atari 2600). Rogue started out on large college mainframes running Unix, and continues to be ported to almost every system, large or small. It is an adventure game with levels made up of ASCII or extended characters, and also has some RPG elements (strength, experience, and item identification). The original game had no sound effects, but a few were added for this version. The gameplay of AGB_Rogue remains faithful to the PC version of Rogue released in 1985.
AgentQ Stars n' rings moving around the screen...
Aladdin A complete remake of the Genesis version of Aladdin for the GBA! This is v0.99999
Around the World This demo shows flags of different countries and their names. There are 21 flags total, rotate between them with left and right.
Asteroids Asteroids for the GameBoy Advance, with a nostalgic C=64 / NES feel to it.
Astrohawk Advance Demo of an in-progress space shooter originally worked on for the Super Nintendo some years ago. Has been tested on real hardware as well as select emulators.

Current demo (#2) now features music & sound, bombs (press B button to drop), ground-based enemies, alternating sectors, difficulty levels and high scores. Definitely a game you should keep your eye on!
BGDemo A small demo which displays Mode5 scaling/rotating backgrounds, and the differences between using
and (which uses no DIV and no MODs for random numbers). Features a background created by the author.

HAMlib-specific sources included,
including mt.h
Blues Brothers A well-made demo based on the classic, 1991 platformer of the same name. Currently does not feature enemies or weapons.
Bobble Tris A Tetris clone utilizing graphics borrowed from Taito's Puzzle Bobble series, featuring sound and decent gameplay.
BombOAMan A Bomberman Game for the GameBoy Advance.
Britney Advance A slideshow of Britney Spears pictures.
C64ish A sine scroller below a pic of the good old Commodore 64 are this demo's features.
Chaos promotion.
Chaos A GBA remake of Chaos.
Christmas Advance A remake of the famous Snake Game.
Chrono Trigger Demo A demo which looks to be a work-in-progress port of the SNES RPG, "Chrono Trigger". The Chrono Trigger title screen is what this demo begins with, followed by a small area which the player can move one of the characters around in.
ConsoleDev advertisement by Guano_99
ConsoleDev source Source to ConsoleDev
Copperbars Copper Bars going up and down changing colors and all...
Crayon Battles This is a rock - paper - scissors type game with graphics borrowed from "Crayon Shin Chan 1".
DARIO This demo demonstrates the texturing capabilities of the GameBoy Advance, and gives you control over the rotation of a spinning cube.
DARIO source Source to DARIO
Diamond Mine Simple yet addictive game, apparently based on the Shockwave game of the same name.

Future version(s) to include many changes, one of which being sound support.
DScan This Demo lets you move a sprite around the screen and lets you see the scanlines of the GBA hardware.
El-Hazard A complete total conversion of the Saturn and Japanese PC-only game El-Hazard. Bask in its glory and play it if you haven't already. This is a very large file. Now v1.0.
Experimental Raytracing for AGB Source to Experimental Raytracing for AGB
Experimental Raytracing for AGB This demo by Guano_99 apparently shows the raytracing capabilities of the GBA.
F-F-F-Fire! This demo is an advertisement for and shows a plasma fire effect, as well as a bouncing sprite.
F-F-F-Fire! source Source to F-F-F-Fire!
Fitzy This demo shows the GBA's animated sprite and scrolling abilities in a small incomplete game.
Fitzy source Source to Fitzy
Fruit Land A simple maze game for the GBA. Full source code included.
Future Quest Battle Demo Demo of an RPG battle engine. Kind of Chrono-Trigger-esque.
GBA 3D Demo 1 This demo by Eloist shows a spinning wireframe cube, which explains the smooth animation.
GBA 3D Demo 1b This updated version of GBA_3D_1 by Eloist has improved code, the text updates are slower so that you can read it all, and he included the source code along with it...
GBA Stars This demo apparently shows the random number generation feature of the Game Boy Advance by choosing random X,Y values for points it places all around the screen. I recommend that you don't stare at it for too long or your eyes will hurt...
GBA Stars source Source to GBA Stars
GBA-Mas "Happy GBA-mas from Subice & Kojote"
GBA-Mas source Source to GBA-Mas
Golden Arms In this demo by MIC the letters of "GBA" are spinning in wireframe 3D while some bouncing text scrolls from right to left
Golden Arms source Source to Golden Arms
How to make the GBA lag In this demo coded by MIC, what looks like a lake reflects a spinning textured triangle above bouncing and color-cycling letters.
How to make the GBA lag source Source to "How to make the GBA lag"
Jumping Jack A remake of the classic Spectrum game of the same name.
JumpKicking Demo Basically a demonstration of a gravity routine and 2 64x64 256 color sprites in Mode 3. Up is jump and A is jump kick while jumping. Source and sample screenshot are both included.
Kerniggle A small puzzle-type game in which you must light up the letters of 'kerniggle' to progress to the next level.
Keys This demo by Nokturn tests the GBA's keys.
kunterbunt JPEG and Plasma demonstration.
Magical Chase Magical Chase originally came out on the PC Engine back in 1988. This is a demo of a GBA remake of the game.
Maze You walk around in a maze...
Mode 5 3D engine This 3D engine uses Mode 5 graphics to represent a purple cube rotating in the air.
Mode 5 Demo This demo shows a textured square spinning counter-clockwise.
Mode 5 Demo source Source to Mode 5 Demo
Mode03d Some wacky visual stuff (You know demos...)
"Ri ne n" appears on screen in japanese..
Mosaic Demo Hentai picture with a mosaic effect.
No Drop This is a Tetris / Dr. Mario type game. Using the 'A' button to rotate, you move the pieces and try and line up four of the same color. When you do, those pieces disappear - however the remaining pieces do not drop (hence the name).
Palette rotation for the GBA In this demo, a cycling palette effect attempts to murder your eyes...
Palette rotation for the GBA Source Source to Palette rotation for the GBA
Panic At Work Tetris-like game with 3 different modes, Story Mode, Panic Mode, Time Mode.
Park Paradise Vol. 1 - Rock Paper Scissors A well-done spinoff of the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game concept, with detailed graphics and fluid animation, as well as music and sound effects.
Pikachu ga Pokéboru o aishimasu You're pikachu and are supposed to catch pokéballs falling from the sky. The title means "Pikachu loves pokéballs"
Plasma This demo displays a colored plasma background effect.
Plasma source Source to Plasma
Pong Unadvanced A simple pong clone for the GBA. Source included.
Puzzle Demo A puzzle game slightly resembling Tetris, only with colored "candy" pieces for blocks. Comes complete with full source code in C.
Rinen Heat Naked Japanime girl with water effects...
RobDemo Colored boxes moving around...
Simple Demo This demo shows two scrolling objects and uses transparency effects.
Simple Demo source Source to Simple Demo
Subbies Place Subice has created a bizzare little demo - Subice seems to think he has lost it
download it to see if he has!!!!
Super Fighter This demo by MIC and Death Adder is an advertisement for SuperFighter.Com.
Supersnake Another take on the classic 'feed snake without hitting a barrier' game routine. Source included.
Tet*is Advance A worthy Tetris clone with sharp images, music, and sound effects, it features 8 levels of play!
Turkey Demo This demo just displays a background image with an evil turkey holding an axe...
Uranus First release in the Uranus series.
Uranus 2 Sequel to Uranus.
Uranus Zero Vertical shoot-em-up with many modes.
Uranus Zero EV This is a vertical scrolling space shooter. Very good from what I've played (using VisualBoyAdvance), with good graphics, music, and the action was pretty fierce as well. Beware the bad English, though.
Uranus Zero EV Fix Like Uranus Zero EV, but with some fixes thrown in.
Vitamins The first Dr. Mario clone for GBA! Plays pretty much like the original. It's still in early stages though. Give it a try?
Wiggles 2001! Three frogs are wiggling their butt, it's pretty fun to watch!
WinPuzzle v0.04 A work-in-progress puzzle game with nice graphics. The source code is also available.
Wizards Platform game that puts you in the shoes of a wizard, collecting spells to advance to the next level. Spells include Fireball, Cloud, and Rain and produce different effects. Only two levels for now.
X-Fade This demo by MIC is an advertisement for and which uses fade-in and fade-out effects...
X-Fade source Source to X-Fade
Zoom & Rotation In this demo, a bitmap rotates while the camera zooms in and out.