Gameboy & Gameboy Color Public Domain ROMs

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Name Description
Blem! : Playstation Emulator for the GB This Joke program makes you believe that something's loading up then it says "Unknown OpCode".
Diagnostics Rom A good set of tests for a GameBoy emulator...
Drymouth Drymouth is a puzzle game. What you do is follow the numbers above and to the left of the field to see which blocks you should punch out. When all the blocks are correctly punched out, the pattern will form a picture. Oh, doesn't this sound neat? Yeah, it gets better. If you make mistakes, or a slime eats you, or whatever, you will lose time and eventually lose. But no! It doesn't have to be like that! you can eventually win if you're good! yes! Drymouth!
GB Lander Combination of Lunar Lander, Gravitar, and Thrust. Early demo. Fly around on the screen. The gravity effect is cool. This one now features COLOURS! Try it out, preferrably with DBOY or No$Gmb.
Horrible Demon 3 A jump-and-run platform game which resembles quite a few games of the same genre made for the Commodore 64. This game is both challenging (as your character has to fend off a hoard of beasts using only his limbs) and entertaining.
Hungry are the Dead : Demo 3 A demo of a game for Game Boy color called House of the Dead. It has only a few levels, and the zombie enemy type, but it gives a good idea of how the game plays and what to expect in the full version.
Iron Hike This side-scroller is a very nice game, with good graphics, sounds and music. It has a 'Super Mario Bros' feel to it, so if you like those kind of side scrollers, what are you waiting for? Download it!
Jet Pak DX This one is a clone of Jet Pac for the Sinclair Spectrum.
JetPak DX This is the Greek Translation of JetPak DX.
Jumpman 86 A work-in-progress GameBoy Color game which looks quite promising.
Mainblow In this game, your goal is to destroy all enemies coming at you from both land and air via a jeep and a jet.
Marcbla 3d This flight simulator features elusive enemies and an ever-changing view of the ground below.
Megamania Space Invaders type.. one ship at a time.
Moon Fighter A space shoot-em-up game with fast-paced action and a variety of enemies.
Mr. Dig A tunneling snake game, using principles from such past hits as "Nibbler" and "Serpent".
Paragon 5 Album An LP released in Game Boy Color format.
Pocket Emulation's Collection #1 Pocket Emulation's insanely huge collection of homebrew Gameboy and Gameboy Color roms. A great variety and alot of diverse roms. This is part one of their collection.
Pocket Emulation's Collection #2 Pocket Emulation's insanely huge collection of homebrew Gameboy and Gameboy Color roms. A great variety and alot of diverse roms. This is part two of their collection.
Pocket Enigma An accurate emulator of the Enigma cypher machine used by Nazi Germany to encrypt secret military messages during World War II.
Poke Mission 97 This game is a port of the Atari ST game by the same authors. You control a 'paddle' similar to the paddle in Arkanoid and try to shoot balls into a 'catcher' while avoiding the various obstacles that block your path.
Q*Bert Q*bert for the Gameboy Color ; an exact functional duplicate of the original arcade game.
Shutdown An addictive little puzzler.. the object of the game is to turn out all the lights. Sound easy? Get ready for frustration.. but of the fun sort :)
Skoardy This game reminds me of Nibbler, sort of... It's a fun game. Right now it has 10 levels, and no sounds or music. Try it out, you might like it.
Sokoban If you like puzzlers, this one's for you... just like the other versions you may have played, you are moving boxes in as few moves as possible.
Sqrxz This is a run and jump game where you guide Sqrxz the bug through tricky levels to get him to his home. Avoid spiketraps, nasty blobs, dangerours hedgehogs and flying bats! This is a Color Gameboy ROM and runs best in No$GMB.
Talking Clock This GameBoy rom is a talking clock rom, it will only run on NO$GMB 1.8+.
The Horrible Demon A very well done CGB RPG.
They Came From Outer Space A nice Space Invaders clone that even has Super Gameboy Support
Tic-Tac-Toe Same game you used to play in study hall... without the pencils or paper.
Ultima III This is a port of Ultima III for the Gameboy. The author also added some new levels to the normal game. The author is currently searching for bugs, so if you find some, please inform him.
Vila Caldan This is a non-interactive demo of Inovação Software's port of their PC game Vila Caldan. This demo now shows off the various stages of the game with some people walking around. There will soon be text added as well.
Yar's Revenge Remember the old Atari version? Well, Genetic Fantasia has brought it to the GameBoy, in color.