Stars Demo (Binary)

Sega Dreamcast ROM

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Description directly from the author's homepage "This is a little demo I've been working on for a while. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first released Dreamcast demo, and it is certainly the first with source code, unless someone has produced one and is hiding under a rock =). It's basically got a couple of standard PC-style demo effects in it. It's more of a test demo than a "real" demo, which will come once we understand the PowerVR. The binary archive contains an srec you can load over your serial cable, and also the files to burn a CD image. There is now a Nero image soon, but no guarantees on how well it works. The source archive contains a very raw version of the demo source, but I'm not planning to clean it up since this is considered a "terminal" project by me. Note that you'll probably need the newest libdream to compile this beast." Note: The binary and the source are both G-Zipped. Just use WinZip to decompress them.

Author: Dan Potter

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