April 2000

Emulator Release: Power MSX 0.05 news by xip
22:17:  A new version of Power MSX, a MSX emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • MEGARAM and MEMORY MAPPER emulation
  • Configuration of MSX memory with scripts (MSX.CFG)
  • Overall setting of the emulator with PMSX.INI
  • Nice DEBUGGER (Hit F6)

    Get it at the MSX page. Thanks to the M.E.P. for the news.

    Misc. News: I'm back... news by shdeagle
    14:20:  You might have noticed that I haven't been posting as regularly as I probably should, but that's gonna change right now. Those who are interested in why I've been gone... I've been unlucky job-wise. My last job, McDonalds, ended in a rather nasty way, and as a result, I'm jobless. Which means two things:

    In any case, keep sending in those news bits, especially the homebrewn ROM ones, and I hope to start work on the new version of the FAQ. I'd like to say "thank you" to everyone who supported me, online or off, and a big thank you to our many visitors for visiting ZD!

    Utility Release: SMB2 Level Discombobulator 0.86 news by shdeagle
    14:14:  This program is updated yet again with the following improvements:

    The SMB2 Level Discombobulator will be included with the Translation & ROM Hacking utilities when Inverse's newly updated & revamped section debuts, but in the mean time, you can download it from Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain You can download it from acmlm's ROM hack domain

    Thanks to the many people who sent us the news.

    Emulator Release: Hu-Go 1.22 news by xip
    15:38:  A new version of Hu-Go, a TurboGrafx 16 emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added subtitle feature
  • Speeded emulation a bit
  • Added repeated MP3 or not
  • No more glitches in saint dragon (recognized as splitted rom)
  • Cleaned some sprites and background stuff that were not initialized
  • Added scanline mode setting in INI file
  • Zip support have been re enabled in the file selector but still blocks on some archives and had not been boosted as I wanted to ...
  • Added a Satb viewer (developper's feature)
  • Improved disassembler possibilities

    Get it at the TurboGrafx 16 page.

    Translation News: SMB2 Level Discombobulator 0.83 Released! news by inverse
    14:40:  Acmlm's SMB2 Level Discombobulator has been updated to version 0.83 and includes some impressive new features.

    The SMB2 Level Discombobulator will be included with the Translation & ROM Hacking utilities when the newly updated & revamped section debuts, but in the mean time, you can download it from Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain

    Site News: Save & Music archives updated news by alamone
    11:10:  Yeah, it's been a while, but here it is. The highlight of this update is a lot of new NSFs from Izumi.'s music page. The newly planned GB and PSX archives won't be added until a bit later.
    Save archives updated: GS0, NeoRAGEx, NSM, STA, SRM, CHT, ZMV, ZST archives.
    Game music archives updated: GYM, NSF, SPC archives.

    Site News: Translation Section Nearing Completion news by inverse
    14:24:  Just dropping another post to let everyone know the status of the upgraded translation section. Every section except for SNES has been completely caught up and redesigned. Once the SNES section is redone, all shall be unveiled. Hopefully, everyone will like the new look of the translation section. And for those of you that have been submitting translation news, fear not. Your words haven't been ignored, they're simply being held off for the opening of the new translation section. After all, why update a section that will be gone in a couple of days?

    Utility Release: Rom Corruptor v0.4 released news by bdlou
    10:34:  Rom Corruptor, a utility that allows you to corrupt specific ranges of data in your ROM files for Win9x, has been updated to version 0.4. Here's what's new:

  • Faster and less annoying when editing text fields
  • Faster in random ascii mode
  • More bugs fixed

    You can download this utility from the General Utilities area.

    Emulator Release: CCS64 2.0b news by xip
    16:27:  Another beta of CCS64, a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows/DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Finally found and fixed very nasty bug in sprite collision detection. Caused problems in games like Castle of Dr. Creep and others.

    Get it at the C64 page. Thanks to Joe Bucci for the news.

    Misc. News: GuildFTPd 0.97 news by nitro
    15:24:  A new version of a wonderful FTP Server for Windows 9x\NT\2000 has been released! Here is what's new in this version:

  • Message can be sent to user when kicked
  • Added stats on current connections.
  • Added stats on past connections
  • Moved spy window to the front.
  • Re-arranged GUI for new features.
  • Fixed bug in VFS where some path commands fail if virtual path exist in current directory.
  • Improved speed calculation for min/max limits.
  • Directory space calculations fixed/improved.
  • Drive free space calculations fixed/improved.
  • Fixed IRC plugin PING reply
  • Fixed event sound.

    You can download the new version at the GuildFTPd homepage.

    Emulator Release: Genital 0.2 news by xip
    15:11:  A new version of Genital, a Genesis emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • 320x240 ModeX resolution added
  • Genecyst save state support added (10 save slots)
  • Memory dumps now occur only if requested
  • Added Starscream interactive debugger
  • Added a DMA status register bit kludge
  • Implemented Z80 faking
  • Added Z80 emulation w/ RAZE, Z80 RAM, bank register
  • Background color implemented
  • Added "each 2 cell" vertical scroll mode
  • Added correct VDP status register byte reads
  • Modified HV counter
  • Added horizontal interrupts
  • Added Window layer
  • Added sprite limiting
  • Major compatibility increase

    You can get it or learn more about it at the Genesis page. Thanks to VGN for the news.

    Site News: Voice Your Opinion on Revamping the Emulator Pages news by inverse
    14:12:  As everybody knows, the emulator pages are in dire need of major updates. I've started a thread on the General Emulation board with my ideas for accomplishing this. It would be much appreciated if everyone would go read my ideas and offer your own suggestions on how to accomplish what will surely be a monumental task.

    Voice Your Opinion on Revamping the Emulator Pages

    Site News: News Submission & Questions news by inverse
    12:23:  Lately, there have been a LOT of people using the News Submission form for asking questions. This takes away from the time we put into updating news because we have to sort through all the questions looking for actual news. You're also most likely going to have your question ignored because we're trying to update the news at the time and don't have time to answer individual questions. You'd be much better off using the Message Boards to asking questions.

    For general emulation questions:
    ZMD1: General Emulation

    For non-emulation questions:
    Talk of the Town

    For ROM hacking and translation questions:
    The ROM Hack Board

    For next generation gaming questions:
    Next-Generation Emulation Board

    You're much more likely to get your questions answered on the Message Boards than you will by using the news submission form. We wish we could answer everyone's questions personally, but if we did that, there'd be no time left to update the site. So to help us improve ZD, please stop using the news submission form for personal questions and head to the message boards. We'd much appreciate it and it will help us improve ZD for everyone.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.25 news by zophar
    12:12:  It looks like today will be a good day for emulator releases! A new version of NLMSX, an MSX emulator for Windows, has been released. Here's what's new in 0.25:

    Thanks to Samor for the word. You can download NLMSX 0.25 from the MSX emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Megasis 0.05 news by zophar
    11:43:  A new version of Megasis, a great Sega Genesis emulator for Windows, has been released. Here's what's new in version 0.05:

    Thanks to Baklasaur for the news. You can download Megasis 0.05 from the Genesis emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Corn 0.29 news by zophar
    11:20:  ContraSF has released version 0.29 of one of the better N64 emulators out there, Corn. New games supported in Corn 0.29 are as follows:

    The following new features and bugfixes are present:

    • Gfx ucode autodetect. Gucode=xx is no longer needed.
    • Aud ucode autodetect. Enabling sound won't cause otherwise playable games to crash.
    • Mario64 star glitch fixed
    • S.F Rush shows flags
    • bomberman hero runs faster

    Thanks to Peter Dalton of EmuHQ.com for the news. You can download Corn 0.29 from the N64 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Anex86 2.15b news by bnu
    07:08:  A new version of Anex86, a PC-98 emulator for Windows, has been released. I don't know what's new since only the Japanese homepage has been updated lately.

    You can download it from the PC-98 emulators page.

    Frontend News: MAME SFE v. 1.2 Released news by stickfig
    00:44:  The Dragon Keeper's excellent MAME frontend MAME SFE was updated a to v. 1.2 couple months back, but we just got to it now. Please, if we didn't get to your update, Zophar's going through his list, and he'll get to it at some point. Also, if you somehow get into contact with a ZD staffer, I'm sure they'd be happy to put it on. Just keep one thing in mind -- we'll get it on here. :)

    Anyway, here's what's (relatively) new:

  • Finally got around to adding in the "save options" button (No more ini editing by hand! ^_^)
  • Squished a couple tiny bugs (doubt they were even noticed)

    You can go pick it up from the Arcade Frontends page.

    Thanks to The Dragon Keeper for taking time to remind us. :P

    Translation News: Translation Section Status news by inverse
    20:41:  Just wanted to fill everyone in on the status of the translation section. I've been going through all of the e-mails and checking various places to make sure that we have the translation section completely caught up. Rather than adding them to the current sections, I'm going to wait and add them to the completely redesigned section that will be unveiled soon. The new section looks completely different from the current state of ZD and once we've tweaked all the bugs, we'll unleash it upon the unsuspecting public. Oh, I guess since I just warned you, you won't be so unsuspecting, but oh well. If people like the look of the new translation section, we'll begin morphing the rest of the site in a similar manner. If you don't like it, then I guess we'll just return it to it's current, rather ugly state, albeit more up-to-date. So stay tuned, because in another day or two, the fate of ZD (or at least it's appearance) will be in your hands.

    Emulator Release: Z80Stealth v. 0.200 news by stickfig
    20:26:  A new version of the ZX Spectrum emulator, Z80Stealth, was released today. Here's news on the new stuff that the emulator packs this time around:

  • New: Updated AY-3-8910/YM2149F emulation code by Hacker KAY:
    • Added YM2149F emulation (please note that YM emulation is slower than AY emulation due to the nature of this chip)
    • Added ABC & BAC stereo modes
    • Support for new sound modes: 44Khz 16bit stereo & 22Khz 8bit stereo ( AY-3-8910 DAC values by V_Soft, YM2149F values by Hacker KAY )
    • Now sound is almost 100% close to the real AY/YM chips!
    • Excellent noise emulation!

  • New : Updated sound engine:
    • new mode: 44Khz 16bit stereo for SB16 (SB_OUT=2 in z80s.cfg)
    • new mode: 22Khz 8bit stereo for SB Pro (SB_OUT=3 in z80s.cfg)
    • new : ESS688 engine by Hacker KAY: supports 44Khz 16bit stereo mode (SB_OUT=4 in z80s.cfg) autodetects BaseIO port,IRQ,DMA for these cards
    • new : experimental WSS engine by Illuminator: supports 44Khz 16bit stereo mode (SB_OUT=6 in z80s.cfg) you need manually type in BaseIO port,IRQ,DMA values in z80s.cfg for these cards; no mixer control for this mode yet; so far this mode only tested with Yamaha YMF718/719

  • Bugfix: fixed problem with IRQs >7
  • New : removed cpu autodetection. You must set USE_MMX=YES|NO switch in z80s.cfg manually!
  • New : Betadisk/TRDOS: up to 4 floppy drives are now supported
  • New : SounDrive emulation!
  • New : Rewrote beeper emulation again.
  • New : 4 switches to turn on/off Covox/SounDrive emulation, change stereo mode and music chip type "on the fly": Simply press F1 for snapshot menu and you'll see what I'm talking about
  • New : rewrote Z80 engine here and there
  • New : some modifications to screen drawing procedures
  • New : you can save AY(YM) output log files in EPSG format. Read more about EPSG in z80s.faq
  • New : E(PSG) file output is buffered so you'll get no sound glitches on fast machines
  • Bugfix : Fixed t_states for several opcodes.
  • Bugfix: 'Ctrl(Alt)-Fn,Esc' bug fixed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed very rare bug with several opcodes overwriting ROM.
  • Bugfix: Small fix in TAP loading routine.
  • Bugfix: Small fix in Z80 snaps loading routine.

    Wow -- nice big update. Hope you Speccy fans are happy. :)

    You can go pick Z80Stealth v. 0.200 at the Sinclair/QL Emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Gens v0.5 released news by bdlou
    19:15:  Gens, an Sega Genesis emulator for Win9x, has been updated to version 0.5. Here's what's new from the readme.txt:

  • *I've enterely rewrite the VDP IO code:
  • DMA transferts appears near perfect and a lot of games works now correctly ! (Warsong, Batman and Robin, Contra4, Shinig force 2 ...)
  • Improvement of Control Decoding. (Electronic Arts Intro finally fixed !)
  • Reads and Writes are more accurate ...
  • Save state files (.gs*) has changed du to new VDP code and could have problems to load old save files.
  • * I've fixed a bug in Starscream 68000 core :
    Greendog, Samurais Shodow, Eternals Champions ... works correctly with Starscream. - little speed improvement.
  • SRAM finally fixed (file saved when change rom).
  • I've enterely rewrite controllers code (fix some mistakes).
  • Stupid bug in window plan fixed (miss a pixel on the right).
  • Little change in timing :
    Landstaker blank line fixed, Outrun back working with my 68000 core, ...
  • Messages infos added.
  • Show FPS added.
  • I've finally add an icon for Gens !
  • Shortcuts has changed (readme.txt).
  • Some others things added or fixed .....

    Try it out now in the Genesis Emulators area.

    Misc. News: You want 3D? You've got 3D. news by anal0g
    18:18:  nVidia, the graphics processor company famous for it's Voodoo-ousting TNT graphics processors, today announced the GeForce 2. The GeForce 2 has per-pixel shading, as well as a second-generation texture and lighting engine, OpenGL and Direct3D support, and support for multimedia extensions of Intel and AMD chips. Look for the GeForce 2 GTS in a store near you... you know I will. *drool*...

    Media News: Video Games Cause Violence? news by stickfig
    15:33:  I know how much all of you like reading little bits of news about how video games are going to rot our brains and make us hyper-violent slugs. Just for you, our buddy Cait Sith found another article in his local newspaper, and he wasted precious moments of his life scanning it for us.

    You can take a look a look at the article here.

    Thanks to Cait Sith for the scan.

    Emulator Release: Squeem v. 0.06 news by stickfig
    15:06:  ZD recently found out about a new emulator for both DOS and Windows, going under the name Squeem (nothing to do with Bleem!). Here are a few features that the emu has going for it in its latest incarnation (v. 0.06):

  • Emulates the 6502 completely and fast by using a kick ass 6502 emulator
  • Almost all the registers
  • Scanline based background and sprite rendering
  • Plugins for video, input, and (coming soon) audio
  • Save/Load states
  • A really nifty icon you can stare at :)
  • Palettes
  • Mappers: 0,1,2,3,7,11,32,34,71,78
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Sprites: 8x8 and 8x16
  • Input (2 controllers and working on powerpad)
  • Sprite DMA
  • FAST FAST FAST emulation!
  • Debugger
  • Cheat dialog, for game genie and a little fun :) (not complete)
  • Frameskip

    It's not a perfect emulator by any means, but it does have its moments to shine.

    You can pick Squeem up at the NES Emulators page.

    Misc. News: Back To The Roots - New Domain news by inverse
    13:46:  Back To The Roots, a great site for downloading Amiga games and demos, can now be reached at www.back2roots.org. Back To The Roots have tons of freeware and shareware Amiga games as well as many commercial games which they've obtained licenses from the publishers to offer free of charge. So if you're an Amiga enthusiast or just interested in finding out what all the fuss about Amiga is, now you know where to go for the software.

    Emulator News: Javanese 0.2003 changelist news by zophar
    11:02:  Yesterday, we posted about the new release of Javanese, a NES emulator written in JAVA. Today, we have the list of changes:

    In case you missed it yesterday, you can download Javanese 0.2003 from the NES emulators for JAVA page.

    Misc. News: New WinAmp skin added.. news by bnu
    07:18:  A new WinAmp skin has been added to the WinAmp skins page. This one features images of Athena from KOF '99 Revolution.

    This skin was made by Kyo Takagen of KOF Perfect.

    Translation News: Final Fantasy 3 (US) Monster Editor v3.0 news by inverse
    19:43:  The Final Fantasy 3 US Monster Editor has been updated to version 3.0 and now has the ability to alter individual monster stats as well as monster formations. It can be downloaded from the Translation Utilities section. Thanks to The Constable for the news.

    Utility Release: MSP 0.51 news by zophar
    18:04:  Sevy has released a bugfix version of his multi-format music & sound player, MSP. Here's what's new in version 0.51:

    Thanks to Sevy for informing us of this new release. You can download MSP 0.51 from the GYM Players or NSF Players page.

    Translation News: Translhextion 1.1c news by inverse
    17:43:  Translhextion, a new ROM hacking utility, has been updated to version 1.1c. From the readme, here's the massive 'What's New' list:

    The table-handling code has been re-engineered resulting in the following features:

    The search relative code has been rewritten to be much more versatile:
    • It is no longer limited to search strings of a single case
    • It is no longer limited to ONLY alphabetic OR numeric search strings

    • Any of the following characters may be used in any combination in a search string [A - Z], [a - z], and [1 - 9]. Any other character is treated as a byte-wildcard!

    • An option has been added to search the remainder of the open file and save the results to a separate file with all sorts of useful information a la SearchR

    The following has also been changed:
    • An Intelligent Right-Click menu has been added which allows the following operations only when appropriate:
      • Cut
      • Copy
      • Paste
      • Paste preview
      • Dump Script
      • Replace Script
      • Hexdump
      • Jump to
      • Select All

    • The documentation has been updated

    • Other numerous small bugs have been fixed

    Translhextion 1.1c can be downloaded from the Translation Utilities section.

    Misc. News: The Arcade Flyer Archive Reaches 1000+ news by inverse
    17:13:  With the release of MAME Flyer Pack #19, The Arcade Flyer Archive has surpassed the 1000 flyer mark. To celebrate, for a short time, you'll be able to download one zip file containing all 1000+ flyers.

    They're also running a contest where the first 5 people to send them 3 flyers that aren't in their archive and aren't available on the net will win a "Capcom Coin-Op Classics CD". The next 5 people after that will receive a flyer.

    For full contest details and to download the newly released MAME Flyer Pack #19, visit The Arcade Flyer Archives.

    Emulator Release: Return of Coco 0.83a news by xip
    16:33:  A new version of Return of Coco, a COCO I & II emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Mostly bug fixes this time: ROC now works with 'Patched' Coco 3 ROM image. Additional error handling and reworking of ROM identification -- clears up a crash that was occurring with poorly sized ROM images.
  • Reworked PIA emulation
  • Reworked internal memory scheme to support Coco 3 GIME chip -- not available from emulation just yet!
  • Palette handling for Coco 3 emulation in progress.
  • Sorry for the long delay between .83a and .83. I promise I'll do better in May!

    Get it at the COCO page. Thanks to Radwar for the news.

    Emulator Release: Javanese 0.2003 news by zophar
    15:56:  While we're on the subject of NES emulators written in JAVA, another one has had an update today - Javanese. You can download release 0.2003 from the NES emulators for JAVA page. Thanks to Brice Fines for the word.

    Emulator Release: Jamicom 0.1 (042400) news by zophar
    15:50:  A new build of Jamicom, a NES emulator written in JAVA, is now available for download. Here's what's new in build 0.1 042400:

  • fixed the source to compile with the JDK 1.3 RC 3 from SUN under windows.
  • and NOTHING ELSE...

    Thanks to Brice Fines for sending in the new Jamicom. You can download it from the NES emulators for JAVA page.

    Translation News: ZMD4: The ROM Hack Board news by inverse
    15:12:  As part of my renovation of the translation section, I've taken over moderator duties on The ROM Hack board. ZMD4 is the place to go if you have questions about ROM Hacking and translation. I'd also like to thank everyone that's been sending in translation related news to help me with the updating. I'm working to get the translation section caught up as soon as possible and should be unveiling the new translation section in a couple of days. So keep the mail coming and feel free to head over to ROM Hack board to make suggestions as well.

    Misc. News: FAQ Request from Anthony DiPasquale news by zophar
    15:08:  A few weeks ago, I met up with an old friend of mine who's been into emulation for quite some time. After chatting for a little bit, he wanted to know if I could help him find an old VGB FAQ he wrote some time ago, dated late 1995 or early 1996, by "XxDeThxX". If anyone with information that would lead to the finding of this FAQ could drop him a line at agd2490@rit.edu, your help would be much appreciated.

    Emulator News: Current ZSNES Progress news by inverse
    14:54:  Here's a ZSNES status update straight from the ZSNES Homepage:

    Thanks to Cephiros for the head up.

    Misc. News: The Napster Controversy news by stickfig
    22:57:  In recent weeks, Napster, Inc. has been embroiled in a great amount of controversy (along with a number of lawsuits as well), with a number of musicians putting their foot down against the software maker. If anyone is unsure of what Napster is, it's a tool that allows people to exchange MP3s with others on the network.

    If anyone has comments on the software, head over to Talk of the Town, where I just recently started a thread about the topic.

    Emulator Release: MESSD 0.37 Beta 1 news by bender
    19:21:  The DigitaOS port of MESS has also been updated to 0.37 Beta 1. Here's what's new:

  • auto game orientation rotation for easy setup
  • dirty rects implemented and auto enabled for drivers that support it for faster emulation
  • driver module enabler/disabler menu for easy configuration of dynamically loaded code.
  • Also I added some speed up hacks for the MESSD nes and gamegear/sms drivers. Sonic and SMB are almost playable now.

    Download it at the MESS for Digita section.

    Emulator Release: MAMED 0.37 Beta 1 news by bender
    19:19:  MAMED , the Mutiple Arcade emulator for digital cameras have been updated to 0.37 Beta 1. Here's what's new:

  • auto game orientation rotation for easy setup
  • dirty rects implemented and auto enabled for drivers that support it for faster emulation
  • driver module enabler/disabler menu for easy configuration of dynamically loaded code.

    Download it at the MAME for Digita section.

    Emulator Release: EX68 2.04 news by xip
    16:53:  A new version of EX68, a X68000 emulator for Windows, has been released. The docs are in Japanese, so I don't know what's new. You can get it at the X68000 page.

    Emulator Release: WinX68k 0.25 beta 5 news by xip
    16:38:  A new version of WinX68k, a X68000 emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed a bug in the Graphic VRAM at 1024x1024x16colors mode (CARAT)
  • Fixed WriteProtect-flag after reset
  • Changed address of VideoControl registers (Space Invaders)
  • Fixed a Sprite priority bug (Genpei Tohmaden)
  • Fixed a display bug on BG scroll (Momotaroh Densetsu)
  • Fixed a bug in the Event-Count Mode on MFP TimerA (Record of Lodoss War)
  • Changed DMA error judgement (Baraduke)
  • Changed Text Palette #0 handling (Namachukei68)
  • Changed the transparency flag between BG and Text (The Retern of Ishtar)
  • Changed the OPM access port adress (Z-MUSIC)
  • Changed the key-interrupt timing (GENOCIDE2)

    Get it at the X68000 page. Thanks to VGN for the news.

    Site News: I'm back, and look who I've brought with me! news by zophar
    16:37:  Yes fiends, it's true that "Emulation Forever" wasn't just an overused cliche of mine... it really is forever. I've had lots of time over the last few months to think about the direction I wanted to take ZD. I decided that when I came back, I was going to come back with a *BANG* and bring something really exciting and controversial back to the table. Who better to stir up the excitement that ZD needs to show that we're ready to rise back to the top than the master of controversy, InVerse? InVerse will be working very closely with myself and the rest of the staff to take ZD into the new direction that it is we want to go in.

    Sure, there's been lots of criticism over the last few months about decisions that were made and things that were done. While some of it has been constructive and some of it has not, all have been screaming for something exciting to happen. During these last few months I've been carefully monitoring the message boards and have realized that even with the slow news days, and even the lack of *any* news at all, you guys stuck through and believed in us. For that, you're all going to be rewarded in the coming months. Things aren't going to magically change in a few weeks, but we guarantee you that things aren't going to get boring around here for some time to come!

    My email queue? Around 3,000. Oldest unchecked email? Sometime in mid-March. Apologies? Tons! But I promise to all of you that your emails *will* be read - just give me a little time here. Even us evil gods can't speed-read like those guys you see on Infomercials that sell their magical 'speed-read' books for 5 easy payments of $49.95... but moving right along - translations! Yes, during the era of Mike "Taichou" Gregerson, the translation news suffered. I'd like to apologize to all translation & ROM hack enthusiasts that visit ZD for that very purpose - we promise you that during this new era, translations with available patches will not be overlooked, and no amount of 'personal grudges' or just plain laziness will *not* happen this time around. All we ask for is a little time and you'll be downloading tons of new material in no time!

    The links! Are we ever going to update them? You betcha! Hold on to your hats because all of the links are going to be updated. Dead links will be removed, new ones will be added and the descriptions will be cleaned up. If you thought we linked to a lot of quality sites out there now, just wait for the coming weeks for even more! The links sections have always been a very important part of ZD, and emulation in general. Why? Sure, we are a business, and as such we do make a little money - but unlike other businesses, we do *NOT* believe in holding down other sites so we can pocket extra cash. Are you 16 years old, do you run a quality emulation site, and wish that one of the 'bigger guys' would post about it to help get you started? Heck, that was me in 1996 when I started ZD and when *no one* would post mine. Just drop me a line! We promise you that we'll help out all quality just-starting sites out there with a little exposure.

    The new ZD - quality, speed, and the most important aspect? FUN! "But what about the anti emulation sites? The anti ZD sites? Nintendo? The IDSA? Ted Turner?" Screw 'em! No matter how much money one makes and no matter how much exposure one gets, never forget the most important goal - fun! This is ZD, this is your ZD. ZD is forever - and...

    Emulation Forever!

    Emulator Release: Basilisk II 0.7 build 122 news by xip
    16:29:  A new version of Basilisk II, a Mac emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

    Win32 - 24.April.2000, build 122

  • Reorganized code to reduce the performance hit introduced by the new 60Hz code.
  • Scrap manager A-line traps hooked.
  • The checked status of the new system menu commands was not updated correctly.
  • The crash recovery code was not enabled.
  • A mechanism to shut down properly the one-second interrupt thread.

    Win32 - 23.April.2000, build 121
  • Implemented clipboard text transfer Host -> Mac.
  • Fix by Toshimitsu Tanaka: Kanji character set was incorrect in Mac -> Host clipboard text translation.
  • Implemented 15, 16, 24 and 32 bit GDI screen modes for the NT version.
  • Some miscellaneous screen draw optimizations.
  • Fixed one DirectX full screen video corruption problem.
  • Parameter RAM saved to a different file for each ROM checksum.
  • More controlled shutdown when the application crashes.
  • Possibility to save changes to undoable volumes before a crash.
  • New mount mode: similar to "undoable", but saves changes without asking questions if the system was shut down properly.
  • Fixed: the "undoable" commit prompt window was sometimes hidden behind the Basilisk II main window.
  • Fixed: in GUI disk page, when moving items up or down, the mount mode was lost.
  • Multi-block i/o for undo file.
  • Increased the undo_buffer hash table size from 1024 to 4096.
  • Fixed: an id conflict in SCSI GUI dialog.
  • New GUI mouse page option: "Normal ADB mouse emulation" v.s. "More complete ADB mouse emulation". The latter is to be used with games accessing the mouse with low level ADB calls (e.g. Apeiron, Marathon).
  • Some new system menu commands.

    Get it at the Mac page. Thanks to VGN for the news.

    Emulator Release: DreamNES 2000 beta 1 news by xip
    16:16:  A new version of DreamNES has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Mapper 19 Extended Sound Channel added!!Cool!
  • Fixed some sound bugs
  • Fixed a small mirroring bug in Mapper 23
  • Added Mapper 6 support.Wai Wai World Hack works perfectly
  • Added Mapper 246 support.FengShenBang works perfectly
  • Added partial Mapper 80 support.Have mirroring bug.
  • Added partial Mapper 240 support.

    Get it at the NES page.

    Utility Release: Super Jukebox 2.1 news by xip
    16:03:  A new version of Super Jukebox, a SPC player for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Removed the Snes9X and ZSNES engines from Super Jukebox, and replaced them with Anti Resonance's much better engine. Note, however, that the MCI driver remains unchanged.
  • Changed the configuration dialog box to accomodate the new SPC700 engine.
  • Now listing files with extensions SP0 through SP9, and the old SPC.
  • Made the Super Jukebox window sizeable. The size and position are saved and restored everytime you run Super Jukebox.
  • Some more clean ups and fixes.

    Get it at the Super Jukebox page.

    Site News: Translation Section to be First Overhaul news by inverse
    15:25:  Let's face it, the translation section here on ZD is severely outdated, which is why it's the first section to be overhauled. There's a *lot* of work to be done to it, so I'm going to need your help. Anybody who has submitted translation news in the past, I'm asking you to resubmit it to inverse@zophar.net. I know how annoying it is to have your hard work ignored, because I've had several of my own news submissions passed over. That's why I'm personally guaranteeing that you will either see your project added to the translation section or you will receive an individual reply if, for some reason, it isn't added. Don't think that I'll only be paying attention to e-mails, though, because I'll also be scouring the net for any updates that have been missed. Speaking of which, I'd like to thank Jandar for graciously allowing me to use his site, Snakeeyes Gaming Corp. as a basis of comparison for finding translation related items that have been missed. So keep a close eye on the translation section, because in the next several days, you'll see major improvements.

    Site News: Poll Updated news by stickfig
    15:12:  Well, Stick here, and I'd like to say that I'm back from the dead -- finally. After all which has gone on lately, I've had to do a lot of soul-searching, but I'd like to say that I'm back, as is ZD.

    Anyway, here are the results from the last poll:

    What's your favorite form of entertainment?

    Choice 1 was: "I like to watch a lot of movies."

    It received 34 votes (5.6 percent).

    Choice 2 was: "Since you're giving me a choice, I'll say music."

    It received 125 votes (20.6 percent).

    Choice 3 was: "All these other losers are wrong.. It's all about video games."

    It received 283 votes (46.7 percent).

    Choice 4 was: "I'm into pro-wrestling.. it's better than everything."

    It received 44 votes (7.3 percent).

    Choice 5 was: "Forget wrestling, it's all about REAL sports."

    It received 27 votes (4.5 percent).

    Choice 6 was: "The best kind of entertainment is, of course, books."

    It received 64 votes (10.6 percent).

    Choice 7 was: "I like the great qualities of television, especially the cheese."

    It received 29 votes (4.8 percent).

    Games won, obviously, but music was a relatively strong second.

    As for the new poll, it's the first in a series of polls about changing ZD for the better. This first poll has to do with the poll itself:

    Would you like to see the poll on the main page?

    Our idea is to make the poll more convenient for people to vote in, so we were thinking about making the poll show up on the front page.

    Like it? Don't like it? Don't care? Well, whatever you decide, it's all up to your vote if we do it or not.

    Oh yeah, watch out, because ZD is coming back strong. :)

    Site News: Welcome to the New ZD! news by inverse
    14:31:  Ok, so I'm jumping the gun just a bit. There's nothing new just yet but that's all about to change. Over time, you'll see ZD evolve before your eyes. The problem with attempts to revamp ZD in the past was that everyone tried to tackle the site as a whole and ZD is just too big for that to be feasible.

    So what you're going to be seeing instead is ZD being changed page by page, section by section until the site is complete redone. Then ZD will once again reign supreme among the top emulation sites.

    We don't kid ourselves. It won't be an easy task, but we will succeed. Three months from now, you'll see much improvement. In six months, the site will be drastically changed. A year from now, you won't even recognize ZD compared to it's current state.

    So for those of you that have remained loyal to ZD during this extended low period, we thank you and your loyalty is about to pay off. For those that had trouble staying with ZD during these troubled times, give us another chance and you'll like what you see. And for those who have criticized ZD from the beginning, there's nothing we could ever do to change your minds, so we'll just focus on satisfying the people who care and the rest of you can say what you will.

    With that said, let the improvements begin.

    Emulator Release: NESten 0.6 Beta Final news by xip
    03:45:  A new version of NESten, a NES emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

    * Important *
    Please delete the old version of NESten before installing this version,
    or you will have a lot of the mappers double up... Thy hast been warned!

  • Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Horton, NESten now has a palette generated from an actual formula... This means you can set the hue and tint to your own custom feeling :)
  • Added two new .PAL files, KHorton.pal & k0rn.pal
  • Fixed a PPU bug causing NESten to GPF (now Time Lord/Vice works)
  • Fixed another PPU bug, causing gfx corruption (now Kirby & TMNT work)
  • Fixed the problems with SRAM for the last time?
  • Fixed a bug in the DMC channel even Microsoft would be proud of...
  • Eliminated the "extra" triangle sound in some games (SMB1)
  • Added some stuff to the rom loading dialog.
  • Added Next/Prev to NSF player.
  • Minor speed improvements.
  • Thanks to Jabo for help with improving several Konami Mapper IRQ's
  • A lot of new mappers added thanks to Quietust.

    Get it at the NESten page.

    Emulator Release: BrMSX 2.5 news by xip
    03:39:  A new version of BrMSX, a MSX emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • all: added "-ciel" to enable 7MHz Z80 cpu
  • all: added "-advram" to enable the new ADVRAM brazilian hardware
  • MSX2: now LMMM has support to DIX ("Fbout")
  • MSX2: now LMMC has support to DIX/DIY ("Nemesis Dawn" BASIC two-liner)
  • MSX2: fixed small bugs in LMCM and LMMC commands
  • MSX2: added vdp command POINT (used by BASIC command POINT)

    Get it at the MSX page. Thanks to the M.E.P. for the news.

    Misc. News: PKZip Creator Dies news by xip
    03:30:  Most people that have used the Internet for a long time probably remember PKZip, the first file zipping utility. Well, yesterday it was announced that Phillip W. Katz, the creator of PKZip, had died as a result of complications from alcoholism at the age of 37. His program has made an enormous impact on the Internet, and his memory will live on in the millions of zip files scattered across the Internet (well, sort of).

    You can read the full article at ABCNews.

    Utility Release: VX2WAV news by bdlou
    09:42:  While chatting in #mugen on Efnet, Ryo99 pointed out a great utility that I'd never seen before called VX2WAV. VX2WAV is a DOS utility that converts Neo-Geo sound ROMs into a WAV file. This utility is very fast and works quite well.

    Try it out in the Neo-Geo Utilities area.

    Misc. News: Protoman - Megaman 5 hack and Megaman 5 Palette Hacking doc released news by bdlou
    01:57:  It's time for a two for one. First, Sephiroth X has released version 2.0 of his graphical hack of Megaman5 for NES. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed the palette from scratch, thereby fixing the Waveman stage crash bug.
  • Fixed title screen palette.
  • Improved title screen graphics.
  • Protoman's face in the stage select screen now really looks like Protoman.
  • Napalm Man's face in the stage select screen has been recolored.
  • Protoman's sprites have been improved.
  • The extra life item has been changed to look like Protoman's face.

    You can try this one out in the Hacks Area.

    Finally, Sephiroth X has also written up a document that explains how to hack the palette in Megaman 5, which can be very tricky.

    Read it in the Translation and Hacking Docs area.

    Utility Release: UltraMSX2 v1.0 released news by bdlou
    18:36:  UltraMSX2 is a utility for Win9x that converts MSX2 ROMs over to the Doctor V64 format for use on the Nintendo 64. From the ReadMe file:

    "With the rominserter you can insert your
    favorite game in the emulator. At the moment
    the maximum romsize is limited to 128kb. The
    rominserter will generate a file called 'Patched.v64'.
    Fix the checksum of the file with RTOOLS or IAS or
    another tool that can calculate the checksum
    and download it to you N64.

    I have tested the rominserter with the following roms:
    - Hyper sports 1
    - F1 Spirit
    - Maze of Galious
    - Metal Gear
    - Nemesis2
    - Parodius
    - Qbert
    - Vampire Killer
    - The Threasure of Usas
    - Kingsvalley II
    - Salamander
    - Gryzor"

    Just as a test, I tried it on the Vampire Killer ROM and loaded it up in Nemu, and, though very distorted, you could tell it worked. I'll have to give it a try on a real N64 later.

    You can try it out now in the N64 Utilities area.

    Special thanks, as always, to the crew in the know when it comes to MSX, The MEP-Crew at www.file-hunter.com.

    Misc. News: Strange Mario Bros. 2 hack released news by bdlou
    18:05:  Acmlm has released the first patch for his hack of Super Mario Bros. 2. The game is entitled Strange Mario Bros. 2. He is designing the hack from the ground up, using his SMB2 Discombobulator. He has changed 24% of the graphic tiles, edited the palette, and has changed the story line. The game is going to be completely different from the Super Mario Bros. 2 you know and love. Currently, this patch is complete for World 1-1, but, this is a must see and is definitely worth checking out. If you'd like to see screenshots, head over to Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain.

    You can download the patch now from the Translations: Hacks area.

    Utility Release: IPSEXE v1.5 released news by bdlou
    13:11:  IPSEXE, a Win9x utility that creates an exe patch from an IPS file, has been updated to version 1.5. Here's what's new:

  • 255 Character Description
  • Recoded the EXE stub with ASM and avoided C library linkage!
  • No more static/dynamic versions!
  • Stub size is now 4kb and requires no special DLL!
  • CRC testing added.
  • Creates patches by file comparison.
  • Open Source

    Try this neat utility out in the General Utilities area.

    Thanks to Jay for the news.

    Media News: Love the N64? news by infe
    01:10:  A new all-N64 site called N64 Zone has just opened up. It covers N64 emulation, game releases, and will soon cover N64 cheats.

    Also, a new site dedicated to scanning N64 cartridges has opened up. They like to call it The Cart Scan Repository. You might say, "What do you mean, scan carts?" That's right, they want scans of the actual cartridges themselves, inside and out.

    This will help everybody understand what hardware N64 carts have, what security and what save chips are used. As well as discovering unknown features of cartridges.

    If you've ever wondered what's in those N64 carts, have a look. The text accompanying scans telling technical details was quite interesting.

    Misc. News: Retrogaming Times #32 is up! news by bdlou
    20:50:  Tom Zjaba of Tomorrow's Heroes sends us the following regarding Issue #32 of Retrogaming Times:

    A smaller issue, but still full of classic game goodness! Here are some of the highlights:

    -Fred Wagaman reviews the PhillyClassic Convention!
    -Alan Hewston gives us another installment of Eyeball Benders!
    -Ryan Harrison finishes up his look at Classic Canadian Carts!
    -Reviews of Bubbles and Front Line!
    - A whole lot more!

    Check out the always free newsletter at the following URL:


    Site News: Emulators in 3D using 3D glasses? news by bdlou
    20:45:  ToxicX writes us and tell us of an article he has written regarding the use of emulators in stereoscopic 3D on your PC using any kind of glasses supporting Direct3D. Sounds like a very interesting concept.

    Head over to the Stereovision.net website, and check out the article entitled Playstation, Nintendo64 and Arcade gaming in stereoscopic 3D on a PC

    Misc. News: Mario Maniac news by bdlou
    20:27:  Ultra The Vampire let me know about his new site. Highlighted on it is an interesting glitch he has found in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for SNES. Included on his site are ZSNES movie files of the glitch. They are pretty neat and worth checking out. You will also find some sprite rips on the site as well.

    Check it out yourself at Mario Maniac's Development Group Website

    Emulator Release: VisualBoy v1.4.1 released news by bdlou
    09:42:  VisualBoy, a Game Boy emulator for Win9x, has been updated to version 1.4.1. Here's what's new:

  • Window mode is supported now as well as full screen (window mode is only supported in 16-bit mode)
  • Frame skip settings to improve speed on slower machines
  • Speed synchronization is now improved and sound should be cleaner now

    Give it a try in our Gameboy Emulators area.

    Thanks to Kate Cozart for the news.

    Also, I'd like to thank all the visitors that come to Zophar's Domain for your continued support. I'd like to remind everyone that without your help and support, this site wouldn't be where it is today. We ask for your continued help by submitting news on new emulator releases, utility releases, and anything else that pertains to emulation. Thank you!!

    Translation News: Destiny of an Emperor 2 NES 1.12 news by lopantu
    05:49:  Destiny Translations released a bugfix patch of Destiny of an Emperor 2 for the NES. This fixes a bug introduced in the last patch, which caused the game to lock up at the second Lu Bu fight.

    You may download the patch from the NES Translations section.

    Emulator Release: Vice 1.4 for DOS and Win32 news by lopantu
    03:53:  The multiple Commodore system emulator Vice has been updated to 1.4. Here's what's new.

  • Fixed slowdown bug with flickering drive led.
  • Fixed crash caused by VIC-II memory corruption.
  • Expert cartridge is emulated now.
  • Some NTSC fixes. Now the border looks a bit small, but most NTSC programs should work.
  • Fixed CIA TOD initialization.
  • Fixed VIC crash.
  • Fixed crash due to the use of uninitialized variables.
  • TAP images should not be corrupted anymore.

    You can get the DOS and Win32 versions at the Commodore 64 section.

    Emulator Release: NeoSMS 0.2 Beta news by lopantu
    03:20:  A new Sega Master System has been released that has been in the making since October 1999. It runs in Win32 with DirectX 7. The compatibility is already very high (96 - 98%).

    Get it at the Sega Master System section.

    Misc. News: WinAMP 2.62 news by xip
    00:58:  A new version of WinAMP is out. I'm sure its just another small bugfix or something. Get it at the WinAMP homepage if you so desire.

    Misc. News: The non-emu Emu-Movie movie news by nitro
    15:34:  Another Emu-Movie has been released by Emu-Movies. This movie is not related to emulation, but it is funny none the less. If you do not like sex humor, do not check out this video. It is however pretty funny.

    You can download it at the Emu-Movies homepage.

    Translation News: The End... A Tenchi Muyo RPG Story! news by taichou
    01:36:  Lina-chan, Nuku_Nuku and Filia have complete their translation of Tenchi Muyo RPG! This wonderful game based on the hit anime is now ready for the english readers eyes to enjoy. Download it and have fun!

    But with this note, I must add. I'm leaving ZD. I know you've all seen ZD drama, and well, I'll try not to add to it. In my eyes, ZD has been dead for 6 months, dispite some small 'bumps' from some workers. With that said, and possibly deleted in 5 minutes: The peak of emulation is over. Go find your life, and live it.

    Download the great translation from the SNES Translations page.

    For Decent Translation News I never could give:

    The Whirlpool
    RPG Dimension

    I would say all my Thank-you's, but I'd be here for a year.
    Thanks to Deltaflame for the URL's though.

    And sorry, to all of you, who had to put up with me over the past 3 years.

    Misc. News: Gamefighter 2000 news by shdeagle
    23:34:  We received an e-mail from Anthony J. Comberiate announcing a new java game, Gamefighter 2000. In his e-mail, he states:

    I'd like to announce the debut of Gamefighter 2000. Gamefighter 2000 is a Java Applet I've written. The idea is that you can select different classic videogame characters (from games released between 1985 and 1999) and have them fight against each other in turn based combat. Each character can fight, use magic, form an energy shield, draw magic, drain hit points, and use a few other commands as well. Not only can you fight one-on-one between two characters, but you can also fight through four different groups of bosses at varying difficulty levels.

    You can download it from Anthony J. Comberiate's webpage

    Misc. News: GuildFTPd 0.962 released news by nitro
    14:51:  A new version of GuildFTPd has finally been released. GuildFTPd is an FTP server program for Windows9x\NT\2000. It is very customizable, and powerful. Here is a list of what's new:

  • Corrupt download bug fix.
  • Event sounds added.
  • Ability to kick multiple users.
  • Deleting of directories improved/fixed.
  • Option to ignore hammering per user (requires one successful login)
  • Option for maximum connections per group and system.
  • Shutdown GUI improvements.
  • Plugin cleanup

    You can download the new version at the GuildFTPd homepage.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.24 Final news by lopantu
    23:34:  NLMSX has been updated to 0.24 final. Here's what's new:

  • The PSG Emulation is now finalized and the timing problems should be gone now.

    Get it at the MSX section.

    Emulator Release: Ages 1.8b news by lopantu
    23:29:  Ages, the 32x and Genesis emulators for Win32 has had a bug fix release. Here's what's new:

    Many games that had glitchy graphics are now better. (Doom, Brutal, Knuckles Chaotix, etc...) Doom is now fully playable (no more freezing). T-Mek works again. Cosmic Carnage is still not back to working. I will have to look into it further.

    Get it at the Sega Genesis section.

    Media News: Playstation 2 capable of guiding missiles? news by shdeagle
    19:01:  It was reported by the Winnipeg Sun(my local paper) on Page 47(inside back cover), that Japan has put export controls on the Playstation 2 due to the fact that it's sophisticated enough to be used for military purposes.

    I'm going to scan the article by the end of the week, unless another Winnipegger can scan it for me. If you can help me out, contact me.

    The story can also be read on the Tech News section of the Canoe.ca website.

    Utility Release: SNESAmp v1.00 (Final) released news by bdlou
    18:47:  SNESAmp, a plugin that allows WinAmp to play SNES SPC files, has been updated to Final version 1.00. Here's what's new:

  • Configuration changes are applied to the next song - (No need to restart Winamp)
  • Changes to the time in the ID666 tag have an immediate effect
  • Command sub-window can be disabled
  • Made some minor optimizations
  • No more slow songs, delays, or stalling
  • EnvX register is updated correctly (Der Langrisser works)
  • Sample blocks with a range greater than 16-bits aren't silenced - (BRE is still incorrect)
  • Channels with a pitch of 0 can't be keyed on

    Grab it from the SPC Players area.

    Thanks to Malcore for letting us know.

    Utility News: The SMB2 Discombobulator v0.79 released news by bdlou
    18:07:  The SMB2 Discombobulator, a level editor for Super Mario Bros. 2, has been updated to version 0.79. Here's what's new:

  • World 7 levels appear a lot better now
  • Fixed a small bug with pointer changing that caused $100 to be added if the last pointer byte was lower than $10

    Acmlm, the author of this incredible editor, also mentions on his website that he will be doing a level edit of Super Mario Bros. 2 entitled Strange Mario Bros. 2. Keep your eyes open for this one.

    For now, download this great utility from the Facelift Utilities area.

    Emulator Release: FCE Ultra 0.20 news by xip
    16:04:  A new version of FCE Ultra, a NES emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Mappers 40, 41, 73, and 75 added.
  • Mappers 21, 22, 25, 65, 71, and 85 improved.
  • Sound emulation code completely rewritten. Everything is working very well except for the PCM channel and frequency sweeps(disabled) on the pulse channels.
  • Extra sound hardware on the VRC7(mapper 85) is now emulated via the OPL2/Adlib. Thanks to Kevin Horton for the VRC7 sound information.
  • Added code to "emulate" the colors of an NTSC TV via user-supplied tint and hue values. Thanks to Kevin Horton for the sample QBasic code.

    Get it at the NES page. Thanks to AcdReign for the news.

    Emulator Release: Vortendo 1.0 "Psycho Circus" news by xip
    15:58:  A new version of Vortendo, a NES emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Special KISS Edition
  • Fixed some bugs with Mapper 65
  • Fixed a typo that now makes the Vertical Mirroring works better
  • Added Support for Multiple CPU Cores. Right Now, Alfredo Gil's and Don Jarret's
  • Start working on my own cpu core. yay!
  • Fixed a bug with the status bar.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Vortendo Personal Pallete.

    Get it at the NES page.

    Emulator Release: AGES v0.18a released news by bdlou
    23:47:  AGES, a Sega Genesis and now 32x emulator for Win9x, has been updated to version 0.18. This version now enables 32x emulation, though it takes some heavy duty hardware to run.

    Try it out for yourself from the Genesis Emulators area.

    Emulator Release: Basilisk II 0.7 build 119 news by xip
    14:49:  A new version of Basilisk II, a Mac emulator for Windows NT/2000, has been released, and here's what's new in the last 2 versions:

    Win32 - 3.April.2000, build 119

  • Fixed a memory bank problem in Win9x version. It caused most of the 512 KB ROMs not working properly.

    Win32 - 2.April.2000, build 118
  • Two new volume file mount modes: "virtual read/write" and "undoable". See the GUI disk page.
  • Fixed a problem in switching between full screen mode and windowed mode.
  • Sorted the GUI video mode list.
  • Win9x GUI ethernet page: PPPMac removed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple about box items in the system menu.

    Get it at the Mac page. Thanks to Zsolt Botkos for the news.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.24 beta news by xip
    14:36:  A new version of NLMSX, a MSX emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • PSG support. It is still very crappy but I'm working on it.

    Get it at the MSX page. Thanks to M.E.P. for the news.

    Misc. News: Metallica Sues Napster and Some Universities news by xip
    12:58:  The band Metallica has filed a lawsuit against Napster, University of Southern California, Yale University and Indiana University. The band accuses them of copyright infringement and racketeering. You can read the full article at CNN.

    I'll let you form your own opinion about this one. Go talk about it at the WWW Boards.

    Misc. News: X68k Games Pile updated.. news by bnu
    06:46:  And it's quite an important update, so if you're an X68k or PC-98 fan, read this. I don't have much time to do this, so I'll keep it short.

    I have begun taking requests for which games I should upload and make available for you all on the X68k Games Pile, so what I want you to do is view my PC-98 game list and jot down your 5 favourite games from there and then if one of those get a lot of votes it's pretty sure that it will be uploaded in the very near future!

    So head over to the X68k Games Pile and read my news post there and then mail me. Sayonara everyone!

    Utility Release: Translhextion v1.0 released news by bdlou
    20:35:  Translhextion, a binary file editor and translation tool for Win9x/Win2k, has been released. Here's what it can do:


  • Long filename support
  • Windows Explorer Context Menu integration
  • Can be used as "Send to"-Target
  • Drag-and-drop opening of files by dragging them into the window
  • Automatically adjusts bytes displayed per hexdump line to window width
  • Fully customizable including font size, character set (ANSI or OEM), and color settings for text and background
  • Both Intel & Motorola binary formats supported
  • Editable file size limited only by available system memory
  • Small program footprint (around 200K)
  • 100% FREE!

    Editing Features:
  • Directly enter hex values or text in main window (overwrite or insert)
  • Cut, copy, & paste binary and text values
  • Search for any combination of text and binary values forward or backward
  • Insert, overwrite, or append bytes in a file
  • Instant jumps to a particular offset
  • Set bookmarks to easily access offsets
  • Load files partially
  • Save parts of files
  • Bit manipulation
  • Export as hexdump to file or clipboard
  • Compare files
  • Special byte-code syntax for describing byte, word, longword, float and double binary values in text form to use with find and paste functions
  • Apply binary templates for structured information
  • Read-only mode

    Translation Features:
  • Standard "Thingy" translation table compatibility
  • Search or replace using "Thingy" tables
  • Relative search
  • Script dumping to file or to the screen using "Thingy" tables
  • Script replacement using "Thingy" tables
  • Script file tile-byte optimization using DTE & "Thingy" tables
  • Special "separated-byte" script format for easy translation

    Whew! Didja get all that? Good! Now, go try it out in the Translation Utilities area.

    Translation News: Your Destiny has come... news by taichou
    16:09:  Destiny Translations has completed their uber-project, Destiny of an Emperor 2. This is a rather large milestone, as many have attempted to use their skills at hacking this game, but only 1 team has gotten this far. The game itself is amazing, for people who are fans of the war-sim type series, and is worth a look to any RPG/Strategy fans. Also available on the Destiny homepage is a scanned and translated strategy guide to help you on your way.

    Grab it from the Translations page.
    Destiny Translations

    Emulator News: Corn 0.2 bug workaround and language files news by lopantu
    16:58:  The Corn homepage has posted three workarounds for the EAccess Violation problems people have been having:

  • Instead of clicking on Corn02.exe, drag CornL.exe and drop it to Corn02.exe. This solution is found by Diego D.
  • Install Corn on C:\Windows\Temp. This solution is found by DeadLust and Olivier M.
  • Start Corn from a Floppy disk. This solution is found by WagnerKL.

    Also, I got many new language translations. Great thanks to DesktopMan for the Norwegian trans, to [D]J for the Italian trans, to RaZoR14 for another Dutch trans, to MiGa, Stefan P, Peter H, Kanne, AiRWOLF, MarcDK and Kojote for German trans. Since I don't understand these languages, it's beyond me to choose from or combine them and I believe they are all good translations. So I put all of them into the new updated Corn.lan file.

    You can get the language files at The Corn Homepage.

    Emulator Release: Raine 0.28g news by lopantu
    16:47:  Raine has been updated to 0.28g.
    This is just a bugfix release really. It's not officially supported so don't go bothering people about it. This was compiled by Kayamon. Antiriad is the official author of Raine, not me. If it doesn't work, try the 0.28f release, which was the last official one.
    Here are a list of changes from the last version:

  • Compiled with Allegro 3.9.32 WIP
  • Compiled with SEAL 1.07
  • Dr Toppel, Plump Pop, Kiki Kai Kai, fixed hopefully.
  • Twin Cobra 2 might be tweaked better with any luck.
  • Now works properly with more than 256 games (hah).

    Apparently the new SEAL fixes problems with PCI sound cards. I don't have one of these, so can someone who does either confirm/deny whether it now works?

    I read the Bubble Bobble has problems around level 50 (anticupid?). If anyone can get me a save-state from around that point so I can debug it, I'll try and fix it.

    Kick & Run needs the file 68_H.BIN from the bootleg "Mexico 86". I can maybe change this to use the MAME romset. It doesn't actually work anyway, though. It would work if I tweaked the Z80 core, but then the music would mess up in lots of other games (sigh). If you're lucky you might be able to get it to work by playing Kiki Kai Kai first (don't ask...)

    Also, if there are any other small fixes people want, I'll try and do that.

    You can get it at the Multi-Arcade section.

    Emulator Release: VEGAS 0.92 news by lopantu
    09:11:  The world's first 32x emulator has been updated to 0.92. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed a stupid typo in interrupt clearing. A whole bunch of 32X games now work.
  • Small change to FM sound. Not sure, but possible improvement to some games.
  • Improved SH2 speed (5 to 10fps increase on my system)
  • Fixed SH2 Word writes. Fixes a lot of graphic glitches and some 32X games run better.
  • Fixed some bank switching. More 32X games work!
  • Simplified FM timers. Strider 2 and Grind Stormer (among others) now play music.
  • I accidentally deleted a line before the 0.9 release. Itís been replaced. Red Zone and Subterrania now work again.
  • Fixed window split. Dragonball Z looks better now.
  • Optimized BGA rendering.
  • Fixed a typo when reading 32X interrupt flags. Didnít affect any games.
  • Found another stupid typo in the PWM flags. Toughman 32X runs further.

    Get it at the Sega Genesis section.

    Emulator News: More On Corn 0.2 news by infe
    00:51:  Well, this emulator is promising, but as far as compatibility is concerned, I could only get three of the roms I have to work: Mario 64 with sound (and pretty darn good and fast, I might add), Mario Kart 64 with no sound, and Wave Race Japanese with no sound. Banjo & Kazooie, Clays Demo, Cruisin USA, Gex 3D, Goldeneye, Harvest Moon 64, N64Stars Demo, Smash Brothers, Ridge Racer 64, and Tetris 64 all display nothing or crash. I don't have very many roms though; I'm sure others work. I believe EmuHQ reported on at least six or seven games working.

    Even with low compatibility though, I gotta say, Corn really impresses me. I set my Corn almost to the max resolution my monitor could handle (Corn doesn't support my max, 1280x1024), and I still had full speed Mario 64 with in sync sound. I'm only running a K6-2 400 with 64 megs of RAM! Corn works fine in both Win98 and Windows 2000. It's actually better to run it in Win2k if you have it, since it does crash, and the crashes tend to bring Win98 down.

    There are a couple of problems with Corn's display. For the life of me, I could not get a game that was running full screen to exit without hitting alt-ctrl-del. Esc-F10 is supposed to work, but doesn't. Sometimes if I alt-tab out of Corn and go back, graphics do not show up, and sometimes they do. Finally, Corn should pause if it does not have focus. As is, your system crawls as you try to do whatever with Mario 64 in the background.

    All in all though, Corn is pretty dang good. Try it out.

    Emulator Release: Corn 0.2 Public Version Finally Out! news by infe
    00:02:  The new version of Corn has just been released. Corn is a super fast N64 emulator with sound and 3D card support. This version features:

  • [Better] GUI
  • Gfx engine improvement
  • Speed improvement
  • Better compatibility and ini file support

    I am in haste to report this update, so I will report my findings on how well it works in a few minutes. Download it from our N64 emulators page and try it out!

    Utility Release: Zelda 2 Editor v4.10b released news by bdlou
    21:26:  Zelda 2 Editor, a Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link editor for DOS, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Update to overworld editor!
  • Now you can move "Rock Locations!" (this is the mass that becomes a rock when beating the palace, BTW)
    From v4.09b - (Version numbers now based on date)
  • Full support for editing palaces!
  • Most support for editing towns!
  • Partial support for great palace.
  • Shows layout, use numpad to move around.
  • J Key to enter a map number (use &H to begin hex)

    Try it out yourself in the Facelift Utilities area.

    Utility Release: The SMB2 Discombobulator v0.75 released news by bdlou
    21:14:  Everyone's favorite Super Mario Bros. 2 editor for Win9x has been updated yet again. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a "Type mismatch" error when the INI file isn't there
  • Now you can add and remove objects and enemies! Now it's also possible to move level and enemy data, or change level and enemy pointers, or copy level data to different addresses. Which means that now you can use the free space without needing a hex editor! The pointer-changing, level moving, etc. feature is only available with the NES SMB2, though, but the add/remove objects/enemies can be used in Mario-Allstars and Doki Doki Panic.

    Come on! Give it a try in our Facelift Utilities area.

    Emulator Release: RockNES 1.050 Windows news by xip
    20:51:  A new version of the Windows port of RockNES has been released, and here's what's new:

  • All the emulation related changes in the rocknes 1.05 (dos) release
  • Minor speed improvements in the rendering engine
  • High color and True Color modes support (16, 24, 32 bits)
  • 2 players support (thanks!)
  • The keys are now configurable
  • now the configurations are saved when are editing them, not only when you close the RockNES X
  • the savestate format changed (because of the new CPU core)
  • Better sound output
  • New keyboard controls
  • Now the GUI supports files with any extension
  • GUI bug fixes
  • General code optimization
  • Minor bug fixes

    Get it at the NES page.

    Site News: Generator32 0.13b news by bnu
    16:31:  Generator32, a SEGA Genesis emulator for Windows 9x, has been updated to version 0.13b. Here's what's new:

  • preliminary FM Sound support autodetect color depth (and 555,565)
  • New Version of mz80 being used (3.4)
  • PSG Support added - Uses WaveOut by default, can use MIDIout
  • A few new bugs to fix, Simple VDP mode is one of them
  • "Standard" VDP mode is the default (line renderer)

    You can download it from the SEGA Genesis emulators page.

    Emulator News: pNESx news by bnu
    16:15:  There is a NES emulator for Sony Playstation called pNESx. If you want to check it out, visit this page: http://sr7.xoom.com/pnesx/index_eng.html. It plays many games, though a bit slowly. If you're a PSX fan and an emulation fan, feel free to visit this page and maybe try this emulator on PSEmu or even better your real PSX! Thanks to Brice Fines for the news!

    Site News: Vortendo, NGA & FF8 Soundfont page join ZD! news by zophar
    15:52:  Three new sites have joined the ranks of Zophar's Domain's Hosted websites. They are as follows:

    Vortendo: This website is the official homepage of a NES emulator for Windows9x called Vortendo. The page itself features emulator downloads (naturally), a compatability list, screen shots and some more stuff. Check it out.

    Nintendo Game Archive: This site has screenshots from over 800 NES games. It also features game ads, game posters, a message board and even a contest every month. If you're a NES fan, check this site out!

    FF8 Soundfont Page: On this page, a Final Fantasy 8 soundfont is available for download. Owners of Sb Lives and AWE soundcards can listen to FF8 midis and hear them the way they're supposed to sound! The owner of this webpage, TSSF (of many various Squaresoft MIDI/mod fame), created the soundfont.

    Be sure to check out each one of these sites, as they all add a little more 'flavor' to the ZD family. Also, if you want to join the ZD hosted family, be sure to read the below Hosted page before dropping us a line.

  • ZD Hosted websites

    Site News: Back after a tiring 2 weeks news by zophar
    15:43:  With the passings of Mickey and Ernie's fathers and one of Mike's grandparents, it was inevitable that I should come down with a flu-like sickness (even though I got a flu shot several months ago). Although my ears still feel like they've been stuffed with cotton, and I missed a great April Fool's oppurtunity, I feel just about ready to rumble once again!

    Speaking of Ready to Rumble, the movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I went to see it last night (first time I didn't feel nauseated in about a week and a half) and it was pretty funny! Fans of David Arquette and Oliver Platt might want to check it out - by no means a 5 stars movie, but funny nevertheless.

    Lots of new sites joining ZD these days - I'll be posting the arrival of at least three of the many sites that have joined since I came down with the 'flu' (I still don't believe it was the flu though - darned flu shots are worthless if it was). I'd like to apologize for the lessening of updates over the last few weeks - and for having a queue of 500 emails in my inbox at this current time. I'll get back to each and every email - just have patience!

    Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting ZD! It's time for some updating. :)

    Emulator Release: CCS64 betas updated news by bnu
    15:36:  Both the 2.0 beta versions of CCS64, a Commodore 64 emulator for DOS and Windows 9x, have been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Some of the parameters for the filter emulation can now be adjusted in the menu.

    You can download it from the Commodore 64 emulators page. Thanks to sgtSummoner for the news!

    Site News: RockNES 1.052 news by bnu
    14:27:  RockNES, a NES emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 1.052. Here's what's new:

  • Rebuilt startup/shutdown sequence and GUI handling;
  • Crappy mirroring fix for mapper #70 (Arkanoid2 and Kamen Rider Club ok);
  • Added image size checking (it compares the real size with the header spec);
  • Added mapper #230 (22-in-1/Contra, working);
  • Fixed mapper #227 (1200in1 cart works, still partial);
  • Fixed trainer support (battery loading related);
  • Fixed a couple of non-emulation bugs to avoid memory problems/crashing;
  • Fixed screenshot (disabled when no game loaded);
  • Final (and better) save state format;
  • GUI color changed to a soft green;
  • More changes and general bug fixes.

    You can download it from the NES emulators page. Thanks to Morpheus for the news!

    Emulator Release: AdriPSX DOS 00.04.05 news by bnu
    14:06:  The DOS version of AdriPSX, a Sony Playstation emulator, was updated just a few days ago. Here's what's new:

  • Small update : Great improvements on GTE
  • Added a simple message output box for user mode
  • Corrected two optimizations
  • Fixed some ugly bugs that appeared during last release
  • This ISN'T the XA Audio release yet
  • Look at CURRENT STATUS section to learn more about this release

    You can download it from the Sony Playstation emulators page. Thanks to Joe Bucci for the news!

    Utility Release: TempEd 0.52 news by bnu
    13:49:  TempEd, a level editor for the arcade classic Tempest was updated to version 0.52 quite a while ago. Actually quite a while ago, but better late then never, right? With this utility you can edit the levels in Tempest, but you need to have to ROMset and an emulator to play it with to actually try out all your levels. This editor has not been tested with a real arcade game, and the author says that you may be able to create levels that would damage a vector screen. Here's what was new in this version:

  • Ability to change the colours of the player, the levels and the enemies.

    You can download it from the Arcade utilities page. Thanks to ThumB for the news!

    Utility Release: The SMB2 Discombobulator v0.67 released news by bdlou
    10:01:  The SMB2 Discombobulator, a level editor for Super Mario Bros. 2, has been updated to version 0.67. Here's what's new:

  • Options are now saved to a INI file (in the Windows directory)
  • Fixed several bugs and problems with the ground objects, several levels that had small problems now look better
  • Partially fixed the "objects pass through ground" problem, 3-2 is now much better
  • Partial support for Doki Doki Panic! However, since the level data format is a little different, and I couldn't find the data pointers, many levels won't display correctly (or at all)

    Try it out now in the Facelift Utilities area.

    Translation News: Energy Breaker news by taichou
    23:53:  disnesquick has released an early version patch for Energy Breaker which translates all of the menus, allowing the battles playable.

    Thanks to The Whirlpool for the news.

    Download it from the Translations page

    Misc. News: 3D Programmer(s) Needed news by xip
    10:58:  Bloodlust Software is looking for a 3d programmer (or team) to work on a new project with them. They have an amazing new 3D rendering artist to work with, and the game is guaranteed to be sold. Visit the Bloodlust news page for more details if you're interested.

    Translation News: Dragon Ball and Final Fantasy news by taichou
    10:22:  A new Dragon Ball Z patch from Klepto Software has been released to translate 55% of the game.

    And a hack from Ultimate Evil called Final Fantasy Hardtype is designed to make the game harder, with an added twist.

    Download them from the Translations and Hacks pages.

    Emulator Release: Gens 0.4 news by bnu
    02:17:  The Windows version of Gens, a SEGA Genesis emulator, has been updated to version 0.4. Here's what's new:

  • Gens configuration saved in file ! (finally) (You can specify your own file name for special configuration)
  • SRAM fixed and entierely implemented (saved in file)
  • Mouse cursor now hidden in Full-Screen then you must use the right mouse button to access at popup menu !
  • Perfect recovering of sound after 'load state' (only with MZ80 core)
  • Saves files are now bigger, but there are compatible with old format.
  • DAC (few) noises fixed
  • Some little bugs with VDP DMA fixed
  • Some others bugs fixed ...

    You can download it from the SEGA Genesis emulators page. Thanks to Stef. D for the news!

    Emulator Release: Vegas 0.9 news by lopantu
    05:16:  Finally, the first 32x emulator is available to the public - Vegas 0.9! The author states that this emulator runs every single feature of the Genesis core system, but 32X emulation has a few compatibility and performance issues. This means that only a few 32x games are compatible, and that most will run very slowly on even a high end computer. In this release, only keyboard control is supported, and saving backup-ram to the computerís hard drive is missing. The author plans to add these features at a later date, as well as support for 6-button controllers and the Sega Menacer.

    You can get it at the Sega Genesis section.

    Emulator Release: MAME 0.37 Beta 1 news by lopantu
    05:09:  MAME has begun the 0.37 beta cycle. The following games are now supported:

  • Air Duel [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Pound for Pound [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Rabio Lepus / Rabbit Punch [Aaron Giles]
  • Super Volleyball [Aaron Giles]
  • Funky Fish [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • Mr. Jong / Crazy Blocks [Takahiro Nogi]
  • Karate Blazers [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Spinal Breakers [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Thundercade [Luca Elia]
  • Twin Eagle [Luca Elia]
  • DownTown [Luca Elia]
  • U.S. Classic [Luca Elia]
  • Arbalester [Luca Elia]
  • Meta Fox [Luca Elia]
  • Zing Zing Zip [Luca Elia]
  • War of Aero [Luca Elia]

    I own a Meta Fox cabinet so I am psyched that I can finally play one of the games in MAME that I legally own.

    Get it at the MAME section.

    Emulator Release: MESS 0.36 for Macintosh news by lopantu
    05:05:  MESS for Macintosh has also been updated to the newest DOS MESS version.

    You can get it at the Mess for Macintosh section.

    Emulator Release: MESS 0.36 For Windows news by lopantu
    05:04:  MESS for Windows has been updated to correspond with the latest DOS release of MESS.

    Get it at the MESS section.

    Emulator Release: MAME 0.36 Final Source news by shdeagle
    23:52:  MAME 0.36's source has been released a while back, it has been uploaded, but no-one mentioned it here.

    You can download it from the MAME emulator page.

    Misc. News: Emu-Movies news by nitro
    17:13:  A new site has opened called Emu-Movies and is hosted by EmuScene. Emu-Movies is a site that features videos made by CassiusX and deal with emulation related material. The movies are pretty funny, but do contain the occasional swearing; but it just makes it more funny. So check it out, and be sure to download the CODEC that is required to view these videos.


    Translation News: Challenge Games news by taichou
    16:13:  Challenge Games has completed their SMB3 Challenge Hack, and released 2 new ones, SMB 2 Challenge and a beta of Zelda 2 Challenge.

    Get them from the Hacks page.

    Misc. News: Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 news by raejae
    13:42:  The first public release of Netscape 6 is now available! In the works for almost two years, Netscape 6 features an extremely fast page renderer, support for new internet standards, including CSS2 and XML, and seamless integration between browsing, e-mail, and instant messaging.

    Grab Netscape 6 PR1 at Netscape's website.

    Misc. News: Busy busy.. news by bnu
    07:50:  I'm very busy during the weeks, with work and stuff, so I must say that it's really good that someone else than me gets into update mania mood a bit now and then! Thanks Lopantu!

    Emulator Release: DreamNES 1.9 news by lopantu
    04:28:  DreamNES has been updated to 1.9. Here's what's new:

  • Added Mapper 91 support.Street Fighter 3 works(lacks IRQ support...)
  • Added Mapper 248,Bao Qing Tian works perfectly.
  • Added Mapper 241,Edu_(C) works perfectly.
  • Added Mapper 112,Hwang Di works perfectly.
  • Added basically Mapper 115 support for Yuu yu hasho
  • Added Mapper 71(Camerica),some 4 in 1 carts run.
  • Added Mapper 41,Caltron/Materix 6 in 1 works perfectly

    Get it at the NES section.

    Emulator Release: Win68K V0.10 beta 2 news by lopantu
    04:20:  A new x68000 emulator is introduced. It is not quite as far along as EX68, but it is close.

    Get it at the Sharp X68000 section.

    Emulator Release: Javanese 0.2001 news by lopantu
    04:05:  Javanese has been updated to 0.2001.

    Thanks to Brice Fines for the news.

    Get it at the NES emulators for Java section.

    Site News: French MacMAME 0.36a news by lopantu
    03:53:  The version of MacMAME translated into French has been updated. It is now inline with MacMAME.

    Get it at the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators for Macintosh section.

    Emulator Release: MacPacMAME 0.36 RC1 news by lopantu
    03:40:  The author of GeoMAME has ported PacMAME over to the Macintosh. This version of MacPacMAME is in sync with the current version of PacMAME.

    Get it at the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators for DOS section.

    Emulator Release: GeoMAME 0.36 for Macintosh news by lopantu
    03:31:  The Neo Geo only version of MAME for the Macintosh has been updated to 0.36. It is now in sync with the DOS and Mac versions.

    Get it at the Multiple Arcade Emulators for Macintosh section.

    Emulator Release: MESS 0.36 Beta 16 for Macintosh news by lopantu
    03:09:  The Macintosh version of MESS was updated to 0.36 Beta 16 while I was on leave.

    Get it at the Macintosh MESS section.

    Emulator Release: MESS 0.36 news by lopantu
    03:06:  MESS has been updated to 0.36. It is now inline with MAME 0.36.

    Get it at the MESS section.

    Emulator Release: Reality Boy 0.7 news by lopantu
    02:22:  Reality Boy has been updated to 0.7. Here's what's new:

  • adds support for Panic Bomber (with the -fixpal command line switch)
  • fixes some bugs

    The author has also released the full 0.7 source code to the public.

    Download it at the Virtual Boy section.

    Emulator Release: DBoy 0.58 Final news by lopantu
    02:15:  BouKiChi has brought his Gameboy emulator up to 0.58 Final. The documentation is in Japanese, so I don't know what's new.

    Get it at the Gameboy section.

    Emulator Release: MacMAME 0.36a news by lopantu
    20:10:  The MacMAME team has released a small bugfix version. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed problem where MacMAME would crash if the 'hiscore.dat' file wasconverted to Mac line-endings (e.g. by Stuffit Expander). [Brad Oliver]
  • This build of MacMAME ships with the most current 'hiscore.dat' fileavailable as of this writing, so until a new one is released, you don't need to go to the extra effort of downloading and installing it.
  • I recommend you turn off \"Convert text files to Macintosh format\" in the Stuffit Expander and the Magic Menu preferences. Sooner or later, you'll download a file that Stuffit will mistakenly convert that should remain in it's original format (e.g. an Unreal add-on or a Dark Forces add-on, neither of which are text files). Better to play it safe and disable this option than end up with corrupted files and the wasted time and effort.

    You may download it at the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators for Macintosh section.

    Emulator Release: Soft VMS for Windows news by xip
    05:08:  Soft VMS is a new emulator for the Dreamcast Virtual Memory Unit. Get it at the VMS page. Thanks to PACHUKA from EmuCult for the news.

    Emulator Release: Magic Engine 0.97 beta 1 news by xip
    04:40:  A new version of Magic Engine, a commercial TurboGrafx 16 emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Improved CD-ROM support, there should be less \"disk-error\" messages now.
  • fixed a bug that sometimes happened when loading/saving a CD game state file.
  • enhanced Magic System compatibility.
  • fixed a bug in the sound noise emulation.
  • added more save state files when using a System Card, now there are four files availablefor each CD game.
  • better backup RAM management, it should be possible to save in all the games now.
  • added support for gzipped ROMs (.gz) - ZIP support coming soon.
  • better sound support for PCI sound card, DMA delay is now auto-initialized correctly.
  • fixed a bug in the sound options, 'frequency', 'stereo', and '16-bit' options should nowwork on all the sound cards.
  • added a new option in the PCE.INI file: 'compress_state_file', to enable/disable state filecompression.
  • fixed a bug when saving the player configuration file: PCE.CFG, the config is now savedin all the cases.
  • re-implemented support for the old GAMES.DAT archive format used in previous versionsof Magic Engine.

    Get it at the TurboGrafx 16 page. Thanks to the Vintage Gaming Network for the news.

    Translation News: Moon Crystal gets a completion! news by taichou
    03:11:  The NES Side-Scroller Moon Crystal has been completely translated by Alex W. Jackson, AKA Awj. This game has amazing anime-like cut scenes, which is a rarity on the NES console.

    Download it from the Translations page.

    Emulator Release: Hu-Go 1.21 news by xip
    22:27:  A new version of Hu-Go, a TurboGrafx 16 emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Eagle and scanline mode recentred (again ! I hope this is the last one !)
  • Added scanline mode screenshot feature
  • Added cd buffer to read data
  • Added cd (and mp3) sound in no bios mode
  • Improvements in developpers informations
  • Better installation under Linux
  • Code even mode modular, almost portable ^^

    Get it at the TurboGrafx 16 page. Thanks to Elmer for the news.

    Emulator Release: MacMAME 0.36 news by lopantu
    19:31:  MacMAME has been updated to 0.36. Here's what's new:

  • In sync with DOS 0.36 final. [Aaron Giles]
  • MacMAME now recognizes a new folder: "Misc Support Files". It expects to find all the miscellaneous data files thave have no other home in there (cheat.dat, history.dat, mameinfo.dat, etc). The MacMAME.mov file is also now expected to live there as well, instead of its prior home in the "Screenshots" folder. [Brad Oliver]
  • Pressing Command-leftarrow and Command-rightarrow in the front-end will now cycle through the tabbed panes. [Brad Oliver]
  • New report options to generate lists of non-working games and games that have been flagged with imperfect or incomplete emulation. [Brad Oliver]

    Get it at the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators for Macintosh section.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.23 news by xip
    16:32:  A new version of NLMSX, a MSX emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added correct synchronisation for 50/60 herz display modes.
  • Solved a problem with interrupt mode 2 handling, UZIX runs just fine now.
  • A few minor performance improvements

    Get it at the MSX page. Thanks to the M.E.P. for the news.

    Emulator Release: BRMSX 2.4 news by xip
    16:30:  A new version of BRMSX, a MSX emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • all: fixed "-mount" switch, full support to 720kb disks
  • MSX2: fixed a small problem in the SCREEN 8 palette
  • MSX2: now HMMV has support to DIY ("Kyokugen")
  • MSX2: fixed a bug in SCREEN 6 when using VESA 2 modes
  • MSX2: improved support to LMCM ("Feedback", "Aleste Gaiden")
  • MSX2: improved support to LINE ("Kyokugen", "Fony Demo Disk 1")

    Get it at the MSX page. Thanks to the M.E.P. for the news.

    Emulator Release: RockNES 1.051 DOS news by xip
    16:23:  A new version of RockNES has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed mapper #41 (Caltron 6-in-1 works fine), thanks to Tennessee for the mapper information (sorry about my confusion);
  • Added mirroring control to mapper #33 (not sure if correct, game Insector X seems to look better);
  • Fixed minor GUI glitches.

    You can get it at the NES page. Thanks to Arek for the news.

    Emulator Release: Pasofami 1.3v news by xip
    16:21:  A new version of Pasofami, a NES emulator for Windows, has been released. You can get it at the NES page.

    Emulator Release: Ex68 2.01 news by bnu
    04:31:  Ex68, an X68000 emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 2.01. I don't know what's new, since the homepage is in Japanese.

    You can download it from the X68000 emulators page. I will add WinX68k a bit later.

    Emulator Release: New version of Ami99 news by bnu
    04:29:  Ami99, a TI-99 emulator for Windows, has been updated again, but as usual there is no word anywhere on what is new. Anyway, it's a good TI-99 emulator, try it out.

    You can download it from the TI-99 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Speccyal 0.72b news by bnu
    04:27:  Speccyal, a Sinclair spectrum emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 0.72b. Here's what's new:

    Z80 cpu core has been enhanced (better stability, compatibility, added undocumented opcodes, flags 5 and 3 partial emulation (80% complete)). Some more games are running now (GreenBeret, Marble Madness, Imask2, Spindizzy ...) bringing the compatibility to a high level, in fact over 95%. Out of 230 games I have tested, only 9-10 had problems, mainly graphics bugs, but none of them refused to work

  • Palette routine has been rewritten for the nth time... this should be the last version and it should work on 99% graphics cards now). As a counterpart, it's not possible to switch colors (dark, light...) anymore but I think it's more important to have a perfect colors palette. Also, the colors are a bit more realistic (technically, I'm using an hardware independent pixel plotting function) (thanks to Fabian Schmied and John Leather)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash if an error message was displayed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash if the spectrum rom file could not be found
  • The cursor blinks a bit faster ;) almost like the real thing
  • The 6 last loaded games are saved and can be quickly selected in the file menu (not deeply tested, may lead to unexpected errors ...). You can even (unofficially :)) quick load games in fullscreen mode by pressing alt-f.
  • Preliminary support for 24 bits desktop mode (sluggish and tested on one card only, try to avoid it!)
  • The DirectDraw primary surface was created in video memory. Now, it's created in system memory and windowed mode speed is now on par with fullscreen speed :) (tested on a Matrox Mystic 170 graphics card, which was previously lagging in windowed mode, now it's perfect, at least on my test machine) (thanks to Fabian Schmied)
  • New logo :)

    You can download it from the Sinclair computer emulators page.

    Emulator Release: R80 0.30 news by bnu
    04:24:  R80, a Sinclair Spectrum emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 0.30. Here's what's new:

    New/Updated: SOUND

  • 8/16 bits mono/stereo playback.
  • Internal 16 bits mixing in 8 bits playback for more accurate sound.
  • AY-3-8912: > Stereo (ABC, ACB and all other combinations)
  • Right volumes. Thanks to Sergey Vladimirovich Bulba for the table.
  • Fixed low tone and envelope periods, still not perfect, but much better.
  • Fixed envelope shape 10 and 14.
  • Sound Drive: in Pentagon & Scorpion models, with stereo support.
  • Stereo/Profi Covox: in Pentagon & Scorpion models, with stereo support.
  • Updated GUI to allow configuration of new options (F12 - Sound), more sound options coming in next versions.
  • New: DEBUGGER. Added some options (some requested a lot of times) to debugger.
  • Main window:
  • Changed a bit overall layout of main window.
  • Registers, flags and IM can be changed from debugger.
  • Divided Program window in two. First window shows next instruction that will be executed. Second window shows 10 instructions and you can move around with UP and DOWN keys.
  • You can set/remove breakpoints with SPACE or with 1 to 0 keys.
  • You can also move around in Stack window with CONTROL+UP and CONTROL+DOWN. You can set a breakpoint to the value under the pointer with CONTROL+SPACE.
  • Removed breakpoints window (F6). Moved breakpoints to main window. Set (CTL+F2), remove (CTL+F3) and remove all (CTL+F4).
  • Added area breakpoints (CTL+F5 & CTL+F6). (Mac Buster)
  • Run to pointer (F6).
  • Step Over (F8) (too much people to list :))
  • Fixed loading from ZIP & RAR with spaces in the path or filename. (Aley Keprt)
  • Fixed scanning inside of RAR. It was not showing files with lowercase extension.
  • Bug: Fixed volume bars in mode 3 and 4 (Davide Barlotti and someone else).

    You can download it from the Sinclair computer emulators page.

    Emulator Release: T98 0.26a news by bnu
    04:20:  T98, another PC-98 emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 0.26a. I have no real idea what's new in this one either, but we'll assume that it has been improved since the last release or something.

    You can download it from the PC-98 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Anex86 2.14 news by bnu
    04:18:  Anex86, a PC-98 emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 2.14. I have no idea what's new, since the list is in Japanese, but from what I've heard you might want to stick to version 2.13.

    You can download it from the PC-98 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: AMAME & PMAME 0.36 Final news by bnu
    04:16:  I've added AMAME and PMAME, two optimized builds of MAME, to the MAME page. AMAME and PMAME are now in sync with the latest official MAME DOS release.

    Emulator Release: Laser 0.4 news by lopantu
    23:51:  As promised, I have a new version of my arcade emulator, Laser, for you today. Here's what's new:

    Beginnings of Multi-game support:
    Space Invaders, Super Earth Invasion, and Space Invaders (Taito) are now supported

    I wanted to add more clones, but due to time constraints to get the version out on time, they were not added - expect more tommarrow :)

    You can get it at the Single Arcade Machine Emulators section.

    Site News: Thank you. news by stickfig
    16:56:  I'd like to personally say thank you to everyone who sent an e-mail or took time out of their busy days to console me for the loss of my father. I have a huge list to post, so I uploaded the letter for all to read.

    Thanks again, and as I said in the letter, I'll be taking another week or two off to get my life back together.

    Emulator Release: Famtasia v5.10 released news by bdlou
    10:20:  Famtasia, a Nintendo and Famicom Disk System emulator for Windows, has been updated to v5.10. Here's what's new:

  • Redone drawing logic
  • Fixed bug that colors get strange when sprite is in BG background
  • Enabled palette change in 1 frame within 3 times
  • Newly added support for map 5, 13, 18, 32, 33, 34, 40, 48, 64, 65, 67, 69(no ext sound), 71, 99, 113, 151, 181, 182, 226, 240, 242, 243, 245, 246
  • Fixed map 1: fixed wrong bank switching of some softwares
  • Fixed map 4: fixed IRQ
  • Supported map 187 another version
  • Moved Famtasia mapper 240 - 243 to 234 - 237
  • Supported Keyboard tape
  • Supported DiskSystem mechanical sound (by toufu)
  • Supported movie
  • Supported VS Unisystem
  • Implemented icons made by Kasion: icon changes depending on the situation
  • Fixed sound channels: VRC6/DMC/DAC/NOISE

    You can try it for yourself in the NES Emulators area.

    Thanks to Joe Bucci for the news!