TI-99 Emulators

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Name Description
Ti99/4W Ti994W emulates:

  • A maximum of 64Kb of RAM. The TI99/4A ROM is also loaded at this space.
  • A maximum of 64Kb for GROM
  • A Super AMS card with 1Mb of RAM
  • The TI-keyboard
  • Joystick1 and/or Joystick2
  • DSK, DSK1, DSK2, DSK3, PIO/1, RS232/1 and RS232/2 devices via very facke DSR routines (DSR1000.BIN)
  • DSK, DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3 as a disk on a disk (DOAD)
  • IDE1 through IDE8 with none or one to four partitions per device (DOAD)
  • TMS9918 VDP with Graphics, Text, Multicolor and Bitmap mode and 16Kb of VDP-ram
  • V9938 VDP with all Graphics, Text, Multicolor and Bitmap modes, 128Kb of VDP-ram and 64Kb of expansion-ram
  • Cf7a+ as designed by Jaime Malilong (DOAD)
  • Generates sound (borrowed from M. Brent’s Classic99)