Super Nintendo SPC Utilities

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Name Description
JCOM-SPC JCOM-SPC is a SPC player. Here is a list of all the current features that JCOM - SPC includes: supports sampling rates up to 96Khz, mono/stereo, up to 32bit; full channel muting, preamp and stereo seperation control, on the fly; built in playlist editor; easy file association; WAV file recording; Fast Forward and Rewind capability; up to 10 favorites can be stored into JCOM - SPC for quick access; RSN compressed SPC soundtrack support; ability to use external audio processors and encoders like oggEnc or LAME.
PlaySPC_GTK PlaySPC_GTK is an SPC music player for *nix (only tested on Linux, though). It features a powerful playlist editor and a pretty GUI interface using GTK+. It is the only Linux SPC player in existence (that the authors are aware of) with a GUI interface, other than the XMMS plugin (which didn't work for them).
sexySPC sexySPC is a plugin for XMMS which plays SPC files (SNES sound files).
SNESamp A plug-in for Winamp that plays music files (.SPC) from Super NES games.
SPCAMP SPCAMP is an SPC file plugin for Winamp based on the ZSNES emulator engine.
SPCPLAY SPCPlay is a music player for SNES saved states, coded in 100% 32 bit assembly. It can play music from either a standard save state generated by ZSNES (.ZS*), or an SPC saved state (.SPC).
vspcplay A spcplayer based on snes9x snes apu emulation code, featuring a colored visual memory representation, ability to view memory content simply by moving the mouse around, volume/gain bars, pitch dots and simple port manipulation.