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Name Description
Gekko This is a pre-release of an Neo Geo emulator named Gekko, which was supposed to be released a few days after this 'teaser' version, but never was. It may be discontinued. The teaser has no sound or joystick support, and requires DirectX. It runs full speed on a P166. You should download it and give it a try, since this might be the only version of Gekko you ever see. Also, download the Neo Geo BIOS ROM, required by Gekko.
Kawaks Kawaks is a closed-source emulator for Neo Geo and the CPS1 and CPS2 systems by Capcom.
KBMAME KBMAME is similar to NeoMAME in that it only supports Neo Geo games, hence, the smaller filesize. KBMAME adds 16-bit color support to all Neo Geo games, and has additional keyboard mappings for games that are difficult to play using the keyboard. You also have your choice between the slower, more stable C version, and the faster, but less stable ASM version.

The AMD optimized MAME works best on AMD computers, while PII optimized MAME runs faster on Pentium II/III computers.
Neo-RAGEx This was once the best NeoGeo emulator out there, though it's a bit outdated these days, it's great for people with low-end machines however. This one is for DOS and now for Win9x, and was coded by the same people who coded RAGE, a multi arcade emulator for DOS. There is now sound in the Win9x version and the DOS version seems to be discontinued. There is extensive joystick support along with multiple videomodes that look quite nice. It runs a majority of Neo Geo games at full speed on a P166.

The upgrade to NeoRAGEx is much smaller than the full version, so you don't have to download 1.5 megs all over again. You have to already have the full version installed to use the upgrade.

Don't forget to download the Neo Geo BIOS ROM as well, which Neo RAGE requires. The new Beta doesn't have any CRC checks to protect you from playing the latest games.
NeoCD NeoCD was the first Neo-Geo CD emulator ever to play games. New fixes and speedups, and some sound!

This is an executable that can run the KOF '99 CD. You need the full 0.80 package to use the KOF '99 fix, as it only contains an executable.
NeoCD/SDL NeoCD/SDL is a port of NeoCD using SDL libraries.
NeoDanji A new Neo Geo Emulator for DOS, not much is known about it, except that it is very fast, has PCM sound, and runs a few games, including Samurai Showdown 2. There is a utility you can use to convert the ROMs it runs. Unless you have a slow computer, you're probably better off with MAME.

English documentation thanks to Kaphwan.
NEOGem This emulator can run a number of games, and there is even sound support! It may crash under Windows, in which case you should boot to DOS mode. It requires at least a p133, and a p2-233 is recommended. In the future, there will be a GUI and speedups. It's worth a download, as this is a very promising emulator.

This version will support Neo Geo CDs in the future, but all it does right now is load the Neo Geo CD BIOS. No CD games are playable.
NeoGeo CD Emulator This is a Japanese NeoGeo CD emulator for Windows.

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