SNK - Neo Geo Emulators

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Name Description
BeMAME This is the BeOS MAME port. It runs over 1400 arcade games, and Neo Geo games. You may have noticed that the BeMame port is lagging behind the rest. That is because the developers have less and less time to work on it. If you are interested, and have some coding skills, visit their homepage and get in touch with them. Let them know that you want to help. Everyone knows what MAME is, so cease reading and commence downloading.
Gngeo This is the BeOS port of the Linux emulator.
NeoCD/SDL This is a port of NeoCD/SDL, originally for Windows.

SNK - Neo Geo Emulators on Other Platforms

Windows (9)
Linux (2)
-- Nintendo DS (1)
-- Nintendo Wii (1)
Android (2)