IntvWin 1.1

posted in Emulator Release by narvick on May 12th, 2002

IntvWin, an Intellivision emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 1.1. Here's a summarized list of what's new:
  • Fixed support for certain Imagic games
  • Greatly improved sound emulation
  • Added an FPS counter
  • Added a button to display the game manual
  • Added ZIP file support
  • Added Kaillera netplay support.
  • Improved windowed zoom mode
  • Added support for Chad Schell's Intellicart format
  • Fixed a bug that caused a long delay when switching to full screen mode
  • Fixed a bug where menu did not say if the Intv2PC interface was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the emulator would crash if sound was disabled
  • Added extremely basic Intellivoice support
  • Added support for overlay scans
  • Made the interface config screen friendly to 800x600 resolutions
  • Changed the game manual interface so it uses Internet Explorer
Snag the new version at the Intellivision Emulators page.