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Beggar Prince for Sega Genesis-Megadrive translation

posted in Translation News by deathadder on Jun 11th, 2005

I suppose it has been a question mark for quite a while, but Beggar Prince is indeed a serious project of Super Fighter Team. C&E, Inc. was kind enough to grant us exclusive permission to handle the job, and as such we've made it a point to really put our hearts into it. The game script was translated from Chinese to English, most of it then rewritten to give the game a more understandable, exciting, and emotional plot. The introduction and title screen graphics have been changed to reflect the English title of the game. As I simply refuse to release buggy or otherwise flawed software, I hired a few Genesis programming veterans to patch and/or remove the bugs that C&E allowed the game to ship with in Taiwan due to a rushed release schedule. Overall, I am very proud of the work we have done and I believe the Genesis-Megadrive community will appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into the translation and additional preparation of this game. Beggar Prince will be the first American cartridge release of a Sega Genesis game in many years. An expansive RPG, the game is 4MB in size and features four save game slots (32KB battery-backed SRAM). While pricing details and exact release date are not yet decided, this game is definitely a "go", with the backing of the original company (C&E, Inc.) standing behind our efforts. OlderGames will be handling the publishing and sale of the completed product. Seven screenshots of the game in action are now available, as of today, for viewing from the Beggar Prince website. There will be many more pictures, information, etc. on the website within a short time. Since the game is so close to official release, I feel that now is a good time to get the ball rolling. It is my sincere hope that this project will inspire more folks to give the Sega Genesis-Megadrive some additional attention, especially in the way of as-of-yet untranslated RPG adventures. There are many Taiwan-produced games of this genre waiting for a good, solid English release. More often than not, the companies that create these Taiwanese games are more than happy to help Westerners bring them to a larger audience.

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