Xak III - The Eternal Recurrence

Release date: Sep 30th, 1994

Console: TurboGrafx-16 (HES)

Publisher: NEC

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HECD4013_03 Fairless 2:10 Download
HECD4013_04 The Voice of Moon 2:21 Download
HECD4013_05 From This Town 1:47 Download
HECD4013_06 Stillness of the Nights 1:28 Download
HECD4013_07 Gahoo the Warlock 1:02 Download
HECD4013_08 The Eternal Recurrence 2:13 Download
HECD4013_09 Premonitions 1:26 Download
HECD4013_10 Terra Incognita 1:55 Download
HECD4013_11 In the Ultima Thule 2:01 Download
HECD4013_12 Main Theme 1:17 Download
HECD4013_13 Silent for the Insanity 0:42 Download
HECD4013_14 Assault On 0:42 Download
HECD4013_15 Lucifer the Black 0:59 Download
HECD4013_16 Evil Eyes 0:43 Download
HECD4013_17 The Entrance to the Nightmare 0:29 Download
HECD4013_18 Great Wings 0:53 Download
HECD4013_19 Overlord 0:54 Download
HECD4013_20 Dawn Before 0:16 Download
HECD4013_21 Oracle of Trinity 1:27 Download
HECD4013_22 How Many Tears 1:08 Download
HECD4013_23 Xexis 1:02 Download
HECD4013_24 Blood Bath 1:08 Download
HECD4013_25 Tensions 0:35 Download
HECD4013_26 Forgotten Myth 0:29 Download
HECD4013_27 Opening 1:25 Download
HECD4013_35 Title 2:35 Download