Games published by Coconuts Japan

Found 47 games with 1340 tracks!

  Name Console Year Developer
  1999 Hore, Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu Nintendo NES (NSF) 1992 Coconuts Japan
  Action Pachio Nintendo SNES (SPC) 1993 C-lab.
  American Dream Nintendo NES (NSF) 1989 Coconuts Japan
  Amida-kun Amida Game Boy (GBS) 1990 Sofix
  Bakushou! Ai no Gekijou Nintendo NES (NSF) 1990 Coconuts Japan
  Ballistix TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1991 Reflections
  Card Game Game Boy (GBS) 1990 Marionette
  Color Wars TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1992 Tomcat System
  Full Throttle - All-American Racing
Full Power
Nintendo SNES (SPC) 1994 Gremlin
  Game Party Nintendo NES (NSF) 1990 Coconuts Japan
  Ganso Pachinko Ou Nintendo SNES (SPC) 1994
  Hanafuda Ou Nintendo SNES (SPC) 1994
  Kitchen Panic Game Boy (GBS) 1991 Bits Laboratory
  Lawnmower Man, The
Virtual Wars
Game Boy (GBS) 1994 Sales Curve, The
  Masuzoe Youichi - Asa Made Famicom Nintendo NES (NSF) 1992 Coconuts Japan
  Mezase Pachi Pro - Pachio-kun Nintendo NES (NSF) 1987 Marionette
  Onigashima Pachinko Ten Game Boy (GBS) 1991 Marionette
  Pachi Slot Adventure 2 - Sorotta Kun no Pachi Slot Tanteidan Nintendo NES (NSF) 1993 Coconuts Japan
  Pachi Slot Adventure 3 - Bitaoshii 7 Kenzan! Nintendo NES (NSF) 1994 Aisystem Tokyo
  Pachi-Slot Kids Game Boy (GBS) 1993
  Pachi-Slot Kids 2 Game Boy (GBS) 1994 Aisystem Tokyo
  Pachi-Slot Kids 3 Game Boy (GBS) 1995 Aisystem Tokyo
  Pachinko Kaguya Hime Game Boy (GBS) 1992 Marionette
  Pachinko Saiyuuki Game Boy (GBS) 1991 Marionette
  Pachinko Time Game Boy (GBS) 1989
  Pachio-kun Game Boy (GBS) 1993 Soft Machine
  Pachio-kun - Game Gallery Game Boy (GBS) 1996 Soft Machine, Aisystem Tokyo, Marionette
  Pachio-kun - Juuban Shoubu TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1992
  Pachio-kun - Maboroshi no Densetsu TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1991 TCD
  Pachio-kun - Warau Uchuu TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1992 TCD
  Pachio-kun 2 Nintendo NES (NSF) 1989 Marionette
  Pachio-kun 2 Game Boy (GBS) 1994 Aisystem Tokyo
  Pachio-kun 3 Nintendo NES (NSF) 1990 Marionette
  Pachio-kun 3 Game Boy (GBS) 1995 Aisystem Tokyo
  Pachio-kun 3 - Pachi Slot & Pachinko TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1994 TCD
  Pachio-kun 4 Nintendo NES (NSF) 1991 Marionette
  Pachio-kun 5 - Jr no Chousen Nintendo NES (NSF) 1993 Marionette
  Pachio-kun Puzzle Castle Game Boy (GBS) 1994 Marionette
  Pocket Densha Game Boy (GBS) 1998
  Pocket Densha 2 Game Boy (GBS) 1999
  Pro Yakyuu Nettou - Puzzle Stadium Nintendo SNES (SPC) 1997
  Sotsugyou Shashin Miki TurboGrafx-16 (HES) 1994
  Super Casino 2 Nintendo SNES (SPC) 1994 OeRSTED
  Super Pinball Nintendo NES (NSF) 1988 Soft Machine
  Tokyo Pachi Slot Adventure Nintendo NES (NSF) 1991 Coconuts Japan
  Vegas Casino
Super Casino Special
Playstation (PSF) 1996
  World Cup Striker Game Boy (GBS) 1994 Denton Designs
  Name Console Year Developer