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This is a Brazilian MSX-2 emulator. It's probably one of the fastest around. It works quite well on a 386-based machine. It's even got the possibility to link two PCs together to play multi player games (for example Salamander) It's also very stable. It's still under development, but it looks very good. It features some SCC sound aswell, and has a very advanced PSG emulation. Even the games with sound samples work the way they should!

This is the officially released source code for version 2.06 of BrMSX.

This is the lite download on BrMSX. Includes the executable, and the two MSX2 ROMs.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Source v2.6 05/10/00 272.80 KB Download
v2.6 05/10/00 275.14 KB Download
v2.6 Lite 05/10/00 127.80 KB Download

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