Mini vMac

a Apple - Macintosh Emulator on the Linux platform

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This is a Macintosh Plus emulator which has an impressively small footprint on the host system. It has now superseded its predecessor, vMac.

It requires a Macintosh Plus BIOS ROM to run, which is not included for copyright reasons.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v3.0.4 05/31/2009 Binary (Stable) 45.45 KB Download
v3.0.4 05/31/2009 Souce Code (Stable) 99.29 KB Download
v3.1.3 10/10/2009 Source Code (Beta) 490.96 KB Download
v3.1.3 10/10/2009 Binary (Beta) 48.81 KB Download

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