BloodSin Patch

Vagrant Story Hack for Sony: PlayStation

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This patch replaces the texture for Ashley Riot with the one where hes wearing that red bloodsin tattoo

Author: Valendian

Name Description Filesize
Patch file BloodSin.exe Version 1.0 172.16 KB

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maxi says:
plis make the rare magics can be learned as apocalypse. judgement tornado and the others

Mizzy says:
Please tell me how me how to equip 2 sword with Matrix Ashley Riot and Please Sir could you make All Dullahan type of monsters drop their weapon each time you defeat them and also please create a patch for Sydney losstarot and Last Crusader to Download.

Mizzy says:
Please send me the copy of the vagrant story bin files for where you've hacked:
1. Blood Sin Ashley
2. Sydney
Thank You.????

Mizzy says:
Sorry, when I said give me the 2 vagrant story bin files for the chars Sydney and Blood Sin Ashley I meant just upload them where in the section you have uploaded Matrix Ashley patch and Blood Sin exe, so that I can download it.

Thank You ????

Mizzy says:
Valendian I hope you can make my dream hacks come true, please work on making the ones I had requested earlier on the 3 comments by Mizzy (that's me).

warnizo says:
hola mi gran sueƱo es tener 2 aliados en vs seria un goblin leader y un orc leader

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