Grandia ReDux

Grandia Hack for Sony: PlayStation

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Grandia ReDux is an unofficial patch of the PSX version of the original Grandia game. It is intended to change difficulty and other gameplay features to improve player's enjoyment of the game as a whole. As of December 25th, 2013, Grandia ReDux can be classified in two different categories: Grandia ReDux 3.1, and Grandia ReDux Complete 1.0. ReDux 3.1 is the version which is covered in greatest detail in this article, and is effectively a "hard mode" mod for Grandia, whilst ReDux Complete 1.0 is an ongoing development designed to completely redesign the way the game is played.

Author: Dunal

Submitted by: Drexdo

Author's website:

Name Description Filesize
Misc Files Readme files and changelogs 551.87 KB
Patch file PPF patch files to Grandia ReDux Version 3.0 (3.1) and ReDux Complete 1.0 Demo (ReDux 4.0). The latter is Disc 1 only. 3.52 MB

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