Metroid Eternal Darkness

Metroid (Major) Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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This Metroid hack contains entirely new levels, new enemies, new palletes, etc.

Author: Vandal's Hacks

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Patch v0.50 9.03 KB

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Its OK says:
I liked it and all, but wheres the end???? It feels like i'm playing an endless game...What do I do! Other than that, its very good. I hope this guy has more hacks!

Polick says:
The feeling of the game is very bizarre. How the happy and chipper Brinstar music mixes with the new "edgy" and "dark" style creates a very uncanny and slightly discomforting feeling. While the latter may be good for the hack, given the apparent premise, the game still sort of falls flat thanks to the stale and a bit irritating level design.

It becomes pretty annoying when you're finding yourself desperate to avoid Skrees right outside of doors that you can hardly shoot before they swoop down, or when there are so many enemies on the screen that the game lags. That is very annoying.

This hack could be better if the level design wasn't so frustrating. Making changes to enemy placement and adding a bit more variety to the design of the areas would benefit this hack greatly. Using something like the latest version of Editroid would probably be best as it allows you to expand the ROM and create more complex rooms and even allows you to create custom structures you can use in the game.

Just my opinions, though. My favorite part of this hack was probably the Ripper sprites. XP

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