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Metroid (Major) Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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This is a 100% complete patch: Most of the map was totally deleted so the game was built again from scratch. Items are moved, puzzles are changed, and there is no such thing as a dead end. It is hard both mentally and physically, but I avoided such design flaws as having to bomb arbitrary points in the floor or placing enemies so that you get smacked in the face on the way in or out of rooms. It’s essentially a brand new NES Metroid game. Also, minor text and graphics hacks were done, but mostly just for packaging purposes, (As in, the title screen was changed, mostly).

Author: The Rooser


Name Description Filesize
Patch file v1.1 (01 March 2006) 12.32 KB

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Yuri says:
The archive has the virus HIDDENEXT/Crypted.

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