Mega Man IV: After In Indonesia

Mega Man IV Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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Megaman came to Java Island, Indonesia several months ago, then met Kalinka and her father, Dr. Cossack in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. But, when Megaman came back to his hometown, a new problem began…

Author: anandastoon

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Patch file v1.1 (09 May 2012) 59.22 KB

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Dan M. says:
Great, original ideas indeed. I really enjoyed the parts I could play. Thank you. Not sure if it's the particular emulator I'm using, (Nestopia 1.4.1 for Mac) but I'm experiencing a few issues with the patched rom. About 2/3 of the sprites get glitchy after I cause MegaMan to fall down a hole and die or explode on spikes. Sometimes the background gets glitchy, too.

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