The Adventures of Bass II

Mega Man II Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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This is a pretty large change of Mega Man 2. The main features include altered levels (altered both color wise and structure wise), altered colors (different enemy palettes, a altered sprites, and even a different storyline. Gamers should find the hack more challenging than the original Mega Man 2. The game is basically Bass being the hero and Dr. Light as the enemy.

Author: Sivak Drac


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Patch v1.0 (10 November 2011) 14.77 KB

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Drakkino says:
Overall a decent hack. I enjoyed the recoloring of the stages, Flashman in particular. However, the redesign of Heatman's stage was a bit much. The timing of the bricks right near the end was never the same twice. It took a bit of luck to make it thru. Some tweaking is in order there. The other issue I had was the very little oppotunity to make up what was used of the Bubbleshot before reaching Dr. Light. Since it's the only weapon that causes damage, I couldn't complete the game as more than half of that power was used used in the previous stage. Other than those two points, I enjoyed the hack.

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