Fix it Felix Jr.

Lode Runner Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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This is a hack inspired by disneys movie Wreck It Ralph. In the movie theres an arcade game Fix it Felix Jr. and thats what im trying to emulate here on the NES. Its my best work but still not perfect. I might try harder and give updates, but for now this is Fix It Felix Jr. On the NES!


Name Description Filesize
Patch file This is Fix it Felix Jr. Its A Zip But Inside Youll Find A .nes FIle. 11.34 KB

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alex says:
is this a hack? its just an ordinary file of Lode Runner

Rafael says:
lol, is this for kids that do not know about NES games? this is Lode Runner.

michael says:
how to download rom

Mark says:
This is not the game from the movie

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