Quadruple Dragons

Final Fantasy Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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Quadruple Dragons is about four warriors that set out to revive the Four Orbs of the elements. You can choose from a Soldier, who is very strong in melee attacks, but is as dumb as a brick. The Bandit, who is very quick and is an average fighter. The Monk is very strong if you know how to use him. The Mage masters the art of black magic, while the Priest studies white magic. The Comic is useless... unless you get his character class up. In this game, all of the text, armor, weapons, magic, almost everything is changed from the original Final Fantasy. Even some of the towns and overworld map is changed.

Author: Kabucho

Author's website: http://kabucho.20fr.com/


Name Description Filesize
Patch v1.0 (14 March 2013) 53.97 KB

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Jaytos says:
This game SUCKS!!!! It's boring and the characters say stupid things. It's like the hacker was trying to be funny but failed miserably.

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