Death Warriors

Final Fantasy Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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A FF1 hack with a completely new storyline. This time, you play as a team of villians known as the Death Warriors (explained in greater detail in the .txt file) There are also some battle changes.

Author: DarkZero

Author's website: None

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demon warrior says:
i was expecting to play the game not get a whole bunch of "cheat codes" for it. i wanted to play a hacked version so i could start with level 50 warriors... instead i got this... but it's good enough if i actually knew how to put these in my game.(i actually wanted more than that but it's just for example.)

demon warrior says:
also i thought that there would be a game all set up at the beginning of this page and a bar below it to punch in the codes. (for example; the screen on top of this profile like thingy and a small bar right under it then all the codes and in the bar you type their name and press the enter button then it puts the cheat in the game.)

Dustin says:
How do you use the hack patch on andriod ? I got the rar. And a patch kit to do the patch but i havent figured it out yet?

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