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Deep Dungeon III: Yuushi e no Tabi Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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This patch is intended to replace the very plain, simple, & repetitive wall graphics in the game. For instance the town wall graphics have bricks now instead of a wall of dots. The underground passage has rocky textures now instead of a combination of plain dots. In the tower every 2 floors you ascend have different wall textures instead of the exact same one for every single floor now. The cave has A set of textures for the first 2 floors & a complete different set of textures for the last 2 floors to change up the scenery. The castle retains the original textures for first 2 floors except for the doors have been changed but on the final 2 floors the wall textures have been changed. Also some of the town store signs have been changed into the ones from Deep Dungeon 4 as well as the guidance arrows when you move to make it look a bit more modern. Within this file are 2 separate patches for the modified border and one for the modified wall patches. They are separate for those who wish to retain the original game border. This patch is meant to patch KingMike’s expanded & patched ROM, not the original ROM.

Author: MrRichard999

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