Castlevania - Curse Of Suffering

Castlevania Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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Dracula throws a terrible curse upon the Earth, Some people end up turning into demonic creatures while others are tortured by hellish pain throughout the body. The world practically turns into a second hell. The curse didn’t work against the Belmont family and Simon is in the midst of the darkness to defeat Dracula and end soon with the curse. After defeating Dracula he leaves the Castle much injured. [Note: in the dungeon and laboratory realized that a ladder was faulty, so the stairs were packed. Also some stairs are hidden in places where it might be a dead end.] This game does have some Portuguese text but it will not stop you from being able to fully enjoy the game.

Author: 71LeonardoOo

Submitted by: NinjaKira


Name Description Filesize
Patch file v1.0 (26 July 2013) 18.74 KB

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