BioHazard Crash Fix

Bio Hazard (Unl) Hack for Nintendo: Nintendo Entertainment System

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This patch is crash fix for the NES Bio Hazard ROM (aka Resident Evil Demake for NES): Name: Bio Hazard (Unl) [!].nes Size: 1048592 bytes CRC32: C50045C4 CRC64: FC620D7F01E1109E SHA1: 475785967E0E4BA8DE060E9B5CA2F3D6EBEE3669 SHA256: E35CD7587CC1E03226B861A687A6F35994CB3FF839CAA67AB1A83331966397D7

Author: Unknown

Submitted by: Tedenfe

Name Description Filesize
Patch file 820 B

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