SNES Frontends

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Name Description
ESNES Loader Frontend for ESNES supporting all its features and makes lists of your SNES roms.
Forte Supports SPCPlay and also acts as a plugin for the new version of StarLaunch. Now has been renamed to Fort?‚?Eand has gotten a new GUI, zip support in single file play mode and friendlier message box prompts. By the way, this was earlier named SPCPlay Plugin. This little thingy now also supports the New WinSPC, OpenSPC and ZDSPC! :)
JPearce ZSNES Frontend This is Jonathan Pearce's ZSNES Frontend :) I recieved about 8 mails about it, so he better keep working on it :) It's just in beta stage yet, but it seems to work alright. This frontend requires the VB3 Runtime to run.
kSnes9x A frontend for Snes9x for KDE. It features automatic saving of options, profiles and a easy to use interface. It was successfully tested under GNU/Linux 2.2.0 (Caldera Open Linux 2.2), egcs 2.91.66, QT 1.42, KDE 1.1.2, snes9x 1.2.6.
Mystique A new ZD-SPC frontend made by Lycia, Nitro's sister. Nitro is, as you may know a maintainer here at ZD and the maker of ZD-SPC, so this promises for good things when you use this frontend, huh? :) Try it out.
Nitrolic A nice frontend for ZSNES supporting all the command line options of ZSNES 0.400 and SPCPlay.
OpenEnded A nice and easy to use frontend for OpenSPC. The whole of the GUI is easy to understand except one part: Gui On/Off.... Eh? :P Try it. It now has support for Genecyst, too!
ProjectZ ProjectZ is a frontend for Nlke, SNES9x, and ZSNES. It features Zip support, CD support, multiple screenshot features, savestate info, sorting capabilities, and much more.
SNES Center A nice little frontend written by Raver for SNES9x and ZSNES. Will be updated probably with the releases of Cowering's GoodSNES audit utility. Visit the homepage for more goodies relating to SNES Center including up to date .dat files and screenshots for use with the frontend.
SNES Emu Launch A rather large frontend for Windows 95 with support for, most importantly, ZSNES. It also supports SNES9x 1.05 and NlkE 0.2b.
Snes Game Center A frontend supporting both SNES9x 1.15 DOS No-GUI version and, being the first frontend to support it, ZSNES 0.715c. It's for Windows 9x and recommends a resolution of 800x600 pixels and 65536 colors. It supports all the customizable options for both emulators and it remembers the settings for each ROM.
SNES9x Frontend The first frontend ever to support the new SNES9x! Although it may seem worthless with the new GUI version of SNES9x, it isn't. There's always a few options that aren't very comfortable to set while running the emulator :) A plus is that it's really small and therefor a fast download.
SnesGUI A nice frontend with support for ZSNES, SNES9x 1.05, NLKE and ESNES. It also features saveable graphics, audio and speed settings for individual ROMs, native keyboard configuring in ESNES, ZSNES and NLKE, joystick reconfiguring using SnesKey, support for many other controllers such as Grip and Snes Joypad using SnesKey, ZIP and GZip files, it scans the ROM for the full name, allows you to associate a picture with each ROM, a jukebox to play SPC files, cheat support, plugins and various other features.
SPC Good DOS frontend for SPCPLAY with mouse support and a good interface. Portugese and English versions available.
SPC Cooler This is an SPCList player frontend that supports WinSPC so far and is made in VB5.
SPC Launcher This is a frontend for SPCPlay. It has all the features necessary and is kinda easy to use, but it's nothing extraordinary.
SPCPlay Frontpad This is an SPCPlay frontend made by the same person that made NEORage FrontPad. It's not as easy to use as NEORage FrontPad and doesn't yet have zip support but it's worth the download.
SPCPlay NOW! This is a SPCPlay frontend for DOS. It is said to have the advantage over the windows frontends by being very fast.
StarPatch Lets you patch SNES roms with emulators that does not support Game Genie codes and such.
SuperNintendoFE This is a simple frontend which looks like an actual SNES cartridge.
SYD9X This is another frontend for SNES 9x. This one features full support for all the options of the new SNES9x, support for cheat codes, it's fully configurable and has individual settings for each ROM, it has an easy to use GUI with 99% mouse support it's a 100% DOS program but runs both in pure DOS and a DOS Box. This frontend also features: The wise old wizard Syd!
TeleKawaru's SNES9x Frontend Say hello to a frontend made in QBasic! Heh, don't be scared though. It's not one of those strange frontends that are really hard to understand, it's actually good. You should go ahead and try this frontend. Give QBasic a chance. Now a Windows port has arrived too, made in Visual Basic, of course.
TeleKawaru's SPCPlay Frontend This is another frontend from TeleKawaru, and this one's for SPCPlay. Since he had help from StarFox, who has made a really good SPCPlay frontend earlier, I expect this one to be good :) Support for ZDSPC has now been added. You can get the VB6 Runtimes from here, in the downloads section.
UZI It's said to be the ultimate frontend for ZSNES. Maybe it isn't the ultimate one, but nonetheless it's very good. It has individual rom configurations, zip support, a resizble GUI and zip file caching. Now it also boosts the speed of ZSNES by raising it's priority.
Xero This is a frontend currently only for ZSNES that doesn't reprogram or affect ZSNES in any way just makes certain things you may want to do easier.
Z-GUI A great frontend supporting ZSNES and also, being the first to support it, SPCPLAY. Now features zip support.
ZFE This is frontend for ZSNES. It supports both the DOS and Windows version (1.337 and above) and contains an enormous amount of features.
ZFront This one's discontinued. The source code is available for download on its homepage.
ZSNES RearEnd A nice-looking frontend for ZSNES made by Zero-X, one of the regulars in #zsnes. It crashes sometimes though.