Sega Master System Frontends

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Name Description
Aldo's SMS+SDL Frontend Windows-based frontend for SMSPlus/SDL.
BRSMS Brazilian Frontened This is actually an english Frontend which features a clean interface and persistant configuration.
BrSMS FRONT BRSMS FRONT is a Windows 9X FrontEnd for the DOS based 8-Bit SEGA emulator BrSMS. It features a ROM filter for All Roms, SMS, Game Gear, SG, SC and Colecovision. It supports Win95 long filenames/directories and is a good frontend. Check it out.
BRSMSFE This BrSMS frontend has a good design and support for all the options of the latest publically available BrSMS.
MasterFront This BrSMS frontend is really something! It has a darned good design and easy to understand interface. It also has support for all the options of the newest BrSMS.
Meka Configurator The Meka Configurator is a utility that allows you to configure all the settings in Meka's various configuration files that aren't available in Meka's GUI, along with many that are.
Phantasy Windows based frontend for SMSPlus. It lists your ROMs and allows you to choose them, as well as lets you choose video options, controller, sound, sound rate and msc functions (mmx, vsync, speed throttle).