PC Frontends

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Name Description
BFE This is a graphical frontend for the debugger of the Bochs emulator.
Boxer This is another Windows frontend for DOSBox. It features a very friendly GUI and looks pretty complete. Very worthy of trying out!
D-FEND Another DOSBox frontend that allows you to easily tweak the settings for various games. It has a nice manual with very detailed descriptions of the workings of the frontend.
Dapplegrey Dapplegrey is a frontend for the Mac OS X DOSBox port written in Xojo. Dapplegrey enables you to set options provided by DOSBox, instead of editing the DOSBox config file by using TextEdit for each game you want to run. The config file sent to DOSBox will be written to hard disk drive just before Dapplegrey activate DOSBox.
DBFrontend DBFrontend is a new tool to make the approach to the excellent DOSBox project more comfortable and to manage your DOSBox projects.
Doboxfro This is a Windows frontend for DOSBox, written by SLRHUI, that can manage projects, have unique options per project, and more. Definitely download if you're a DOSBoxer.
ProGrammaX A front-end for DOSBox