NES Frontends

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Name Description
fwFront fwFront is a very good competitor for fwNES Express. It it really good for people in need of a DOS frontend because their soundcard only works in DOS.
fwNES Express fwNES express is a good frontend for fwNES. Features: easy navigation allows you to find and start your games quickly, supports long filenames, all the command line options of fwNES and easy configuration.
FWNFE fwNES frontend with support for resolution changing, sound options, joystick options, Palette choosing and CPU core choosing. Definitely a good frontend.
GTuxNES GTuxNES is a graphical launcher built for use with the NES emulator TuxNES. TuxNES itself is a command-line only interface. GTuxNES is a graphical interface to the command-line utility. It is completely separate from the TuxNES codebase and so is extremely small and fast.
NESFront NesFront is a FrontEnd made for the Nintendo Emulator NESticle. NesFront is made for Win95/98 and was coded in Visual Basic by Thunder_^ . Check this frontend out.
NEStea NEStea is a general frontend for about any NES emulator, and it's a really good choice if you can't find a frontend for the NES emulator you want one for. Sometimes it might be a good choice even if you find one for the emulator you're using.
NintendoFE This is a simple frontend which looks like an actual NES cartridge.