MSX Frontends

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Name Description
fMSX LaunchPad Easy to use frontend for fMSX with support or Joystick, changing all sorts of sound settings, MSX options, support for disk and ROM A &amp; B, PAL/NTSC support. Saves options on exit.
fMSX-DOS Loader A simple, text-based frontend for fMSX-DOS that will load the rom as well as set any parameters. If you go to the homepage, BEWARE OF THE MIDI!
fMsxShell Nice looking frontend for fMSX supporting all of it's featured and command line options. Also features individual settings for each game.
MSX Alert! This is a frontend for BrMSX and fMSX. It's a pretty usefull little utility.
MSX Mania Brasil Frontend This frontend will execute ROM/DSK files from an archive and supports BRMSX 2.06.
NekoLauncher This is a frontend for OpenMSX and MacOS X. It is in Japanese, so I'm unsure of the exact features, but feel free to check it out if you need an app for OpenMSX.
The Boss This frontend works great for fMSX and it supports all the command line options as well as settings.
VisualMSX This is a frontend by Ciro for the MSX emulator NLMSX.