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Dread's QuickMAME Launcher 6.14 Front-End (32-bit Windows) BETA Emulator launcher/front-end/cataloger utility to keep track of ROM's with proper names, switches, etc. 100% Downwardly compatible with previous QuickMAME versions. (Designed for MAME, but works with virtually ALL other emulators as well.)

Author's website: http://quickmamelauncher.net76.net/

Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
QuickMame Launcher 6.14 03/JAN/2015 Main files 1.91 MB Download


Squay says:
Works real good. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Dread says:
Nice... Check out QuickMAME 4.64 for DOS if you're running DOSBox. Even better!

Dread says:
I think so. DOS Version is much better when used for PC Games and DOS emulation including MAME 0.36.

Dread says:
The latest website for Windows V6.5 and others is now at https://quickmame-launcher.000webhostapp.com/

Dread says:
New v6.5 available on new website: https://quickmame-launcher.000webhostapp.com/

Dread says:
New site is https://quickmame-launcher.000webhostapp.com/

Windows Version 6.5

Dread says:
Sucks trying to find a "real", free webhost these days...

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