MAME frontend

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Written in Delphi 5/6 format, with no configuration needed -- just put in your MAME folder and run!

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Operating System: Win9x

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.79 02/04/04 2.26 MB Download


Gripper says:
Loads and lists MAME games but nothing runs. DOS box appears and disappears

Smith Bob says:
It should automatically configure itself but if it didn't go into settings. You may just have to tell the frontend to pass the parameter.

Vyvyn says:
You need to manually configure it as Arcade.EXE is an olllld frontend and a lot of the parameters for various versions of MAME have changed since.

Still hella more stable than MGalaxy though.

Darth Rockman says:
I tried a bunch of front end emulators posted here. This one worked the best for me. I also tried some of the newer ones like Launchbox and they new ones don't like outdated O/S's like Windows Vista. Old arcade roms also don't like newer versions of mame. My sweet spot was this front end and mame.exe v78b. Ran the old arcade roms and this front end can be configured with all sorts of settings. Took a lot of trial and error so thought I would post.

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