Genesis Frontends

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Name Description
BeGen BeGen is a GUI frontend for DGen (Sega Genesis emulator). It works fine with DGen v1.20a ported to BeOS by David Powell (
GenEm Loader A frontend for GenEm v0.19 supporting all of its command line options.
Genesis Launchtool A Great frontend for Genecyst, KGEN and Genem(new) with zip support and excellent layout. This frontend makes it look like if Windows 95 was made to support SEGA frontends.
GenesisFE This is a simple frontend which looks like an actual Genesis cartridge.
GenRomSuite This utility lets you edit ROM info, convert between SMD and BIN formats, and serves as a launcher for up to six emulators! For example, Gens, Kega, Ages, Xega, DGen, and one customized by the user. Also includes an IPS patcher. Not bad at all!
Gens Loader A Gens emulator frontend and also Genesis ROM checker. It has a nice windows layout and is easy to use.
KGEN Loader A frontend for KGEN supporting all of its features. Now updated for KGEN 98.