Gameboy Advance Frontends

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Name Description
Boycott Advance Start This is a frontend for BoycottAdvance. You can easily edit the settings such as debug, sound and BIOS path options.
Epherema Epherema is a simple frontend for those who don't want to pay for the Windows port of VGBA but want to be able to use the DOS port with at least some ease. Right now it supports almost every command line option and has the ability to save options for future use.
gnomeboyadvance This is a frontend for the Unix/Linux build of Visual Boy Advance. Gnome is required to use this.
QB VGBA Frontend A simple and easy to use frontend for Marat's VGBA (Gameboy Advance emulator). It's written entirely in Quick Basic and has a keyboard interface. This is postcardware. The author will give you the registered version if you send him a postcard. More info is in the documentation.
vbafe This is a newer GBA frontend by sypherce
VGBA Frontend Frontend for VGBA 0.6 (for those of you who don't do DOS). Put it in the same directory as vgba16.exe vgba8.exe and your roms.