Gameboy Frontends

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Name Description
DBE One of the more advanced frontends for DBOY, it runs on Windows 9x, and has support for command line options.
DBOY Frontend This is a nice little simple DBOY frontend. It has a really simple interface with support for all the common options you'd probably ever use with DBOY. A plus is that the file selector looks really nice. Now it has support for the SGB option and the other stuff for version 0.40.
DBOY Frontend This is a pretty basic frontend for DBOY. The author sent it to me, and I'm unable to find a version number or anything...
DBOY Frontis This is a frontend by the person who made SPC Frontpad and some other stuff. DBOY Frontis is Swedish and means DBOY Frontie. Have fun with it.
DBOY Herald I don't really know much about this frontend, but it seems kinda good so give it a try.
DBOY Runner The very first frontend for DBoy. Not many options in the initial release but allows you to choose between Regular, Super & Color Gameboy.
DBOYFront This is Maxim Viale's DBOY frontend. It has support for all the options of the newest version and since his other frontends are really good I pretty much expect this one to be as or almost as good as them, so check it out. Heh, I might as well add that this frontend rules in way of being updated with every new DBOY release and in ways of being user friendly. Remember that you need the VB6 SP2 runtimes for this one.
FrontDBoy Excellent frontend for DBoy and is always up to date with the latest release of Dboy.
Gameboy Mnu The one and only frontend for Gameboy '97. Making it severely easier to use the emulator.
Gameboy Ultra Support Simple frontend with support for VGB, D-BOY and SMYGB.
GameBoyFE This is a simple frontend which looks like an actual GameBoy cartridge.
GBFE A good DBOY frontend that I forgot to add a description and stuff for. I just uploaded the file and forgot the rest :) Try it out.
iD This is a new DBOY frontend which I don't really know much about, but I'm pretty sure it's not a trojan. But anyway, it says it support most(or all) of the new DBOY's options so go ahead and try it out.
QDBoy This DBOY frontend is in Portuguese, but version .7b-e is the english version. Version .7b is the first version to have mouse support. v 0.8 is coming soon...
Start Le This DBOY frontend is made by the same author that made the NeoRAGE frontend TechNeo, but this one is a bit better. It supports all the options except the ones for changing background and sprite colors and swapping buttons and autofire. Nothing you'll suffer from anyway, heh.
VGB Express This frontend gives you easy navigation among your gameboy roms and it supports all of VGBs command line options.
VGB Launcher Frontend for VGB-DOS. Includes support for Game Genie support. Also includes seperate ROM list generator.
VGB-GUI Developed using Glade, GTK+, GNOME, gnome-python, libglade and Python, this Linux frontend to VGB and gnuboy isn't half bad.
VGB-MAX A nice frontend for VGB with loads of options, easy to use interface and zip support.