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Z80 Documents

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Name Description
Giant Handbook of Computer Projects Intro to computers including microprocessors will be detailed for you including a section on how to troubleshoot them. Several computers and their capabilities including the Kim-1 and the Z80.
Z80 Brief intro This is just a brief introduction to the Z80. No detailed and hard to understand information or anything. Just a little something to tell you what you're up to. Feel free to read it.
Z80 Command Set This is a quite excellent document to use as reference if you want to know what HEX values that represent which opcode in the ROMs, since they're all in here. I recommend you to view this file in Notepad and not in Edit since Edit has a kind of small screen. Also note that this only tells the opcodes' name and what HEX value they use, not specifically what they do.
Z80 CPU Specs This is probably the best Z80 documentation available aside from perhaps Zilogs own Z80 user manual (Which still had its flaws, so ;)) and I really recommend you to read this document (contained in a zip file) if you want to understand what you're doing, coding your Z80 or whatever emulator or game that uses Z80, etc.
Z80 FAQ #1 This is, as the name might hint you, an FAQ for the Z80. It answers some of the frequently asked questions about it. A really good thing to check out if a question pops up in your mind.
Z80 FAQ #2 Here's another FAQ. If you couldn't find what you were looking for in the first one, maybe you can find it in this one.
Z80 Info This document contains some info on the Z80 about stuff that is good to know. You should read this one.
Z80 Instruction Set This text file might come in handy if you just want a brief description of what opcodes that exist for use with the Z80, but it doesn't say what HEX values they are and it doesn't go into depth about much of anything, it just gives you a general idea of what the Z80 can do.
Z80 Instruction Set #2 Well, it isn't really worth the read, but maybe you will get something out of it. I do recommend that you read Sean Young's doc instead.
Z80 Instruction Set Summary This one is excellent reference if you want to see which opcode does what to the system registers and other stuff like that. Recommended to read. It only gives a brief explanation of the opcodes, what they do and how many cpu cycles they use, etc.
Z80 known bugs A really small, but worth to read, HTML page that explains some bugs of the Z80.
Z80 opcode list A, believed to be, full list of all Z80 opcodes. This one is a must-have.
Z80 undocumented features A few really useful documents about undocumented opcodes and other stuff. You should definitely read these.

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