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NES Documents

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Name Description
6502 Palette Changing Tutorial This is a straightforward tutorial on how to change the palette on screen using 6502 assembly.
Andy Simpson's NES Documentations It is a small documentation from Andy Simpson, who worked on the SimNES project.
Art of ROMHacking A long and detailed guide on learning to hack ROMS, including information on hex editing, level editing, coping with compression, and data-finding. There is a dictionary of ROMHacking terms at the end.
Aulas de Assembly para NES (Motorola 6502) Excelente tutorial que explica de maneira clara e detalhada como funciona a linguagem Assembly usada no processador Motorola 6502 usado no console Nintendo 8 bits. O tutorial também fala sobre o funcionamento da PPU, paleta de cores, som, dentre outras coisas.
General Mapper Docs General info on the NES mappers and how to emulate them.
Legend of Zelda Map Format Describes the Zelda 1 overworld and underworld map format.
Mapper #1 Docs Information on the NES mapper #1
Mapper #6 Docs Information on the NES mapper #6
Mega Man 1 ROM Info A comprehensive document explaining the format of the Mega Man 1 ROM. Excellent source of info for anyone wanting to play with the ROM.
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Data Format Info All about the Ms. Pac-Man Maze Data Format! (Applies to the Tengen NES ROM).
NES Programming This document should help you learn how to program the nes.
NES programming 102 - Valid ZipFile The zip file in is invalid, so I re-uploaded one that I repaired in a hex editor.
NES Rom Expansion 101 + 102 Two excellent documents by TFG detailing in very simple terms basic NES Rom expansion. He covers not only the actual Rom expansion, but utilization of the newly created space, and mapper changing. 6502 assembly and specifically NES hardware knowledge required.
NES System Arthiceture Detailed information on the NES system arthiceture and the opcodes it uses. Invaluable to emulator authors.
NESA This is the source code for a NES emulator, NESA. You can use it as a reference for your NES emulator.
NESDEV Tutorial This is a 6502 NES programming tutorial that explains many things such as opcodes, addressing modes, NES memory structure, making your first demo. This tutorial also gives examples explaining all of the above and more.
Y0SHi's NES Documentation It is another one of Y0SHi's excellent NES documents. I recommend you use them.
怎样编写Nes模拟器 怎样编写Nes模拟器

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