Atari - 2600 Emulators

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Name Description
StellaWii Rather than being a straight Wii port, this version of Stella runs through Wii-Linux (and the Wii port of SDL). It should have all the features of Stella, and it has Wiimote support (When the program starts, it tells you to press the "1" and "2" buttons of your wiimote. Wait until the emulator starts, an then press 1 and 2 at the same time, until the wiimote's leds starts to blink).
Wii2600 Another port of Stella (of version 2.7.2 specifically), this one has good emulation and a host of features (Wiimote/Classic/Gamecube controller support, USB Keyboard, sound, savestates, and screenshot support). Unlike the other Stella port, this one does not rely on Wii Linux.

Atari - 2600 Emulators on Other Platforms

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