Atari - 2600 Emulators

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Name Description
PSP2600 PSP2600 is a port on PSP of the version v2.2 of Stella. It's based on the work of Aenea.

It has been developped on linux for Firmwares 5.0-m33 and 1.5
Stella v0.2 A new version of Stella Atari 2600 Emulator for the PSP. A lot has changed
since the initial release.


added paddle support
added better d-pad support
use the GU instead of SDL for rendering
title screen (if someone can make a better one, contact me!)
menus are now overlays so the font seems smaller (acually, it's the same size, but it now uses the full resolution of the PSP)
I found the blend function :)
Many small bugs have been removed
Holding down the d-pad in the menus will make it scroll faster
Analog in menus is very fast scrolling
Support for 10 state files per rom, use left/right on the Load/Save menu item to change the current state number

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