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Name Description
DCGenerator This is the Dreamcast port of Generator that seems to have a good variety of options and support.
Genesis Plus SDL This is a Dreamcast port of Genesis Plus using the SDL library. It has the special feature of allowing you to create a single genesis game (SGG) from any rom.
Genesis Plus/DC This is a preview release of a port of Genesis Plus. It has been rewritten to use the PVR and supports sound, though choppy.
Gens4All From the creators of Gens and Neo4All comes... Gens4All!!

We are happy to announce the second release of the excellent Gens emulator to the Dreamcast. Since preview 1 (March 2008), Fox and Chui have work very hard to improve it. In this new version, game compatibility has increased a lot, but there is a lot of work to be done. Please remember that this version is still alpha and things are far from perfection
ljsdcgen This is another Dreamcast port of Generator.

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