Sega - Genesis / Sega CD / 32X Emulators

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Name Description
BeOS Gens This is a BeOS port of the popular Windows Genesis emulator Gens. It emulates the Genesis, SegaCD, and the 32x Genesis add-on, and does it all quite well.
DGen -not the above- The only thing which has been stated about this emulator, is that it is NOT a port of Andrew Bazan's DGen. It also uses the SDL library.
DGen/SDL This is a port of Joe Groff's Linux/SDL port of Dave's DGen emulator. The author claims that it runs at full speed on his dual PII-333 setup, with sound, and that the reson for such slowness is the nature of the SDL Library at the moment. -using BWindow instead of BDirectDraw-

Sega - Genesis / Sega CD / 32X Emulators on Other Platforms

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