Zombies Ate My Neighbors  Cheats

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Izzy Glow Hello, this Zombies Ate My Neighbors Hack brings many new things like: -New levels -New monsters -Custom Palettes -Recolored in the protagonists -New objects Video showing the ROMhack: https://youtu.be/KIALmlGYGjI -Izzy glow Download Report
Death Adder My own codes:1). Unlimited Rockets2). Invincibility3). Unlimited Lives4). Unlimited Red Potions5). Unlimited Soda Cans6). Unlimited Water Sprays7). Unlimited Weed Whackers8). Unlimited Keys9). Unlimited Random Potions10). Unlimited Medikits11). Unlimited Silver12). Unlimited Plates13). Unlimited Pandora's Boxes14). Unlimited Crosses15). Unlimited Skeleton Keys16). Unlimited Fire Extinguishers17). Unlimited Ice Pops18). Unlimited Tomatoes19). Unlimited Clowns20). Unlimited Footballs21). Unlimited Pairs of Running Shoes22). Unlimited Ray Guns23). Unlimited Blue Potions24). Unlimited Flamethrower Fuel25). Invisible to Enemies26). Level is Clear (OFF by default)27). Unlimited Mystery Item28). Secret Bonus Always Awarded29). Shoes / Potions never exhaust Download Report